How to Use Social Media to Transform Your Practice

How to Use Social Media to Transform Your Practice

Did you know that the average consumer will spend approximately two hours on social media every day? That’s 14 hours of attention every week that your business could be capturing—for free—if you optimize your medical aesthetic clinic’s social media. To make the most of your social media marketing efforts, consider these top tips that are likely to gain you the greatest traction and potentially even transform your medical aesthetics practice.

9 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Metrics for Business Success

  • Champion Engagement: It might seem like getting prospective patients engaged online is the first step to getting them in your doors—and that may be true, but the consumer journey shouldn’t end there. Utilize social media engagement to maintain relationships with past and current patients to foster a positive long-term relationship that could turn that one-time treatment purchase into a loyal returning customer. To do so, ensure that you’re always responding to questions and comments and if your clinic is tagged in a photo or video, be sure to show it some love. If appropriate, request permission and reshare the post to your feed. At the very least, reach out with a comment and thank them for their support and/or feedback.

  • Choose the Right Networks: Consumers may be spending two hours per day socializing and networking on digital platforms, but they’ll certainly have their favorites. It seems each social media platform tends to attract one demographic a little more than another. For best results for your social media marketing efforts, consider the target demographic you’re hoping to attract to your medical aesthetics clinic or medispa, and go to where they are on social. A little research and creativity can help you find where your ideal client is spending the most time and draw them in for bigger business growth.

  • Focus on Them: If you’re always posting advertisements about how outstanding your services are, you’re unlikely to gain any significant traction on social media. This is because these kinds of posts signal to prospective patients that you’re more focused on profits and income than on the patient. Instead, create educational content for a more appealing patient focus. Consider sourcing commonly asked questions from your followers and answer them on your posts or simply break down your procedures into bite-sized chunks of information that can better educate patients on how they work and what they may accomplish. Eventually, you’ll be known for providing valuable information that prospective patients will come to proactively seek out, while boosting your SEO in the process.

  • Participate: Similar to championing engagement, consider going outside of your immediate circle of connections and engaging with prospective patients that way. Ensure any posted comments are positive and genuine. The topic doesn’t always have to be about medical aesthetics, but it should be something related, whether that’s a neighborhood business you support or a beauty tip you can endorse. Simply posting genuine comments on other posts of this nature may pique prospective patients’ interest as they start to see your account popping up elsewhere, leading them to look a little further into your profile and potentially become a follower themselves.

  • Focus on Honest Content: Followers will know if your content has passed through six different individuals or departments, becoming stripped of personality and generalized to match an image of a pristine brand. While proofing for spelling and grammatical errors and ensuring content is accurate is necessary, try to allow for a unique tone to shine through. Better yet, have a staff member, whether it’s an office manager or medical director, be the face of your social media feed and let their voice shine through for increased authenticity followers will respect and respond to. Another idea is to have that person appear in regular live streams to answer prospective patients’ questions or just talk off-the-cuff about a recent aesthetics trend they’ve seen and their opinion on it.

  • Consider Sponsored or Promoted Posts (Sparingly): When there’s a promotion you’re eager to spread the word about or a new service you’ve just added to your offerings, consider spurring traction with sponsored posts. Easy on the marketing budget and simple to set up, sponsored posts can be a great way to pop up in the feeds of those who may be interested in your services, but just haven’t found you yet. Just don’t go overboard on the sponsored posts—users will end up getting tired of seeing you pop up all the time and end up tuning you out.

  • Offer Closed Groups: One way to improve online reviews and your patients’ overall experience is to utilize Facebook’s closed group option to create a network of past and present patients for follow-up support and post-treatment care tips. You can pin your clinic’s suggestions to the top of the group and allow patients to post questions, which your staff or fellow group members, who may be veterans to the treatments now, can speak to. The idea here is to provide a network of ongoing support that exceeds patients’ expectations, helping your clinic stand out in their minds, particularly when they’re recommending you to a friend or posting a review.

  • Post Often, but Not Too Often: It’s important to show patients that you’re active online and eager to respond to their queries and comments, but posting new content too often may come across as spammy. Ensure that each time you’re posting, your content is of value and spread it out appropriately to avoid losing followers due to a slew of promotional posts. Even if you’re excited about a promotion, consider boosting the word by sponsored posts, rather than posting about the same thing too many times that prospective patients end up just tuning you out or putting your feed on mute.

  • Remember the Journey is a Long One: The consumer decision journey can be a long and winding path before the prospective patient reaches their final choice. For this reason, it’s important to stay connected and not discount followers who may respond regularly, but aren’t yet seeking your services. Committing to a consultation in itself can be a big step for first-time patients, so keep delivering valuable information and connecting with them online to ensure you’re top of mind when they do make that call.

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