Treating Your Clients’ Newest Skin Concern: Maskne

Treating Your Clients’ Newest Skin Concern: Maskne

Acne is the most common skin concern in the United States, affecting approximately 50 million people. While 40-55% of adults are already struggling with some form of acne, the pandemic has increased those numbers by dealing skin another blow: Maskne. Here’s how to address this new skin issue with your clients and market acne treatments as the answer to their clear skin goals.

Talk To Your Clients About Maskne

To begin with, it’s important to make your clients aware of maskne, since some of them may not know what is causing their skin to breakout. Here are the facts you can share with them so they can understand the cause of their current skin woes:

  • Maskne is the acne caused by wearing a face mask for a prolonged period of time, and can show up as pimples, blackheads, around the mouth, nose, and jawline.
  • This type of acne is known as “acne mechanica,” because it’s the mechanical friction of the mask rubbing against your skin that is causing the breakouts.
  • Wearing a mask also traps moisture, sweat, oil, and bacteria next to the skin, clogging pores.
  • There are steps you can take to prevent maskne, and aesthetic treatments can prevent and reduce the resulting acne itself.

You can share this information during consultations, in your in-house marketing materials, or through your digital platforms. Make sure your clients know that there is a solution to their maskne problem, and encourage them to come in for an appointment to deal with it.

Advise Clients On Mask Hygiene

Since we’ll all be donning masks for the foreseeable future, it’s important to know how to wear them correctly. For your clients who are suffering from maskne, it’s also essential that they care for their masks a certain way to reduce the acne caused by wearing them. Mostly, your clients should be washing their masks after each use, or wearing a new disposable mask each day. The fabric absorbs everything it comes into contact with, from sweat and makeup to bacteria and oils. Washing it by hand or throwing it in with the laundry at the end of the day is a good practice. They should use a gentle detergent or wash them by hand using a facial cleanser since the fabric sits so close to their skin.

Advise Clients On Skin Care

To help reduce maskne, let your clients know that paying special attention to their skin care is essential. More than ever, they need to keep skin clean to discourage bacteria from settling in. Using a gentle cleanser each night is fine, paying special attention to the lower half of the face.

For an extra boost of refreshment, you can suggest a Venus Glow™ treatment to deep clean pores and hydrate skin that might get dried out from all that extra cleansing. They can even choose to add on the Glow Clara serum which has calming and soothing qualities designed to relieve redness and irritation. It contains peptides to diminish blemishes and redness as well as plant extracts that contain antioxidant properties known to boost skin’s repair system.

Venus Versa™ Acne Treatments

If your patients’ are seeing a lot more breakouts because of maskne, acne treatments are likely the solution that can address their concerns. Utilizing advanced technologies, Venus Versa™’s Acne Dual applicator uses Intense Pulsed Light to simultaneously address both the causes and visible symptoms of acne. Blue and red light is delivered simultaneously, with blue light targeting the P. acnes bacteria that causes acne, while red light reduces inflammation and promotes faster healing. The device has a real-time cooling system to ensure that clients are comfortable throughout the treatment.

Acne is an extremely common concern among men and women of all ages, it can be the starter treatment to draw in new patients, as well as a reliable service for cross-selling.

If your practice is not yet offering acne treatments, consider Venus Versa™. In addition to acne treatments, Venus Versa™ can also perform wrinkle reduction, hair removal, circumferential reduction treatments, and more as a versatile multi-applicator platform. Allowing you to combine with nine other applicators to provide even more services at your clinic. 

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