What To Look For In A Professional Laser Hair Removal Device

What To Look For In A Professional Laser Hair Removal Device

It’s no secret that laser hair removal is popular with patients throughout the U.S. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2019 Plastic Surgery Statistics report, 1 million people received laser hair removal in 2019. This treatment remains one of the five most-requested minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and demand is likely to remain strong.

More patients are seeking laser hair removal for a variety of reasons:

  • Treatments are typically comfortable and take little time to perform
  • Laser hair removal costs less in the long run than waxing
  • It can save time, as it eliminates the need to shave or wax frequently

Types of Hair Removal Lasers

There are many lasers often used for hair removal, including:

  • Ruby hair removal laser: This was the first laser used for hair removal. It is effective on light, thin hair but requires more time for treatment.
  • Alexandrite hair removal laser: This laser is the fastest laser system available, but one of the least comfortable for patients. Its shorter wavelength makes it ideal for people with light to olive skin tones.
  • Diode hair removal laser: This type of laser utilizes diodes, or semiconductors, to create wavelengths that are longer than those of the Alexandrite. Diode lasers are best for removing coarse or thick hair and can be used on people of all skin tones.
  • Nd: YAG hair removal laser: This laser has longer wavelengths than most and targets carbon rather than melanin.
  • IPL hair removal: While not a laser, this is a similar device that uses Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, to target the melanin in each hair follicle.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hair Removal Device

When deciding to purchase a hair removal device for your medical aesthetics practice, you might consider the following:

  • Cost: You’ll want to account for both the price of the device itself as well as the necessary maintenance over time.
  • Size and portability: Some devices are full-size while others can be placed on a table or cart for easy transfer. Consider the dimensions of your treatment rooms when you are looking at various models.
  • Results: How well does the device perform? Compare models to determine which one will best meet your patients’ needs.
  • Specifications: Research the specs of the device. What type of wavelength can it deliver? The wavelength tells you how powerful the laser is; longer wavelengths provide more power and are ideal for thicker, coarser hair. Peak power tells you how much output an individual laser pulse can produce, while fluence, or energy density, isthe laser’s ability to heat hair follicles enough for effective treatment.   
  • Long-term support and usage. Does the manufacturer offer additional benefits such as maintenance and repair service, training, and marketing support?

Venus Concept’s Hair Removal Devices

In response to the demand for effective, comfortable hair removal devices, Venus Concept offers two efficient, proven options for your practice:

  • The Venus Epileve™ is tabletop diode laser device that is easy to use and comfortable for patients of all skin types. This system includes an added choice of a foot petal switch and an ergonomic applicator trigger for higher functionality and reduced operator fatigue. Two modes of operation (SLIDE and PULSE), an auditory guidance system that assists with timing of applicator movement, and a user-friendly interface deliver versatility and ease of use for the operator.  A real-time cooling system frequently monitors the applicator temperature to help ensure patient satisfaction. This machine also has IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities to enhance treatment protocols and results.
  • The Venus Velocity™ is the gold standard of laser hair removal devices; its diode laser is effective and safe for patients of all skin types. This larger and more powerful machine includes an ergonomic applicator with three spot sizes, which eliminate the need for multiple attachments. It also offers PULSE and SLIDE modes for versatility, and its real-time cooling system delivers safe, comfortable treatment for patients. As with the Venus Epileve™, the Venus Velocity™ has IoT capabilities.

If you choose either of these Venus Concept devices, you will gain access to our warranty coverage, device upgrades, marketing support, and educational opportunities for your staff. We want to help you grow your practice, regardless of its current size. 

As a medical aesthetic practice owner, you want to capitalize on the demand for safe and effective hair removal. When choosing a hair removal device, consider the critical factors such as cost, versatility, function, ROI, and manufacturer support to ensure that you make the right decision. Want more information about how laser hair removal technology can help improve your profitability? Talk to one of the experts at Venus Concept today. 

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