Venus Concept Celebrates Fashion Week Around the Globe

Venus Concept Celebrates Fashion Week Around the Globe

Venus Concept continues to deliver on our promise to provide you with the most effective, show-stopping promotional campaigns in our industry. This year, right now, we are the only medical aesthetic company to sponsor and showcase our brand in association with the global sensation of Fashion Week!

Fashion Week is an electrifying social event that dazzles the eye of millions, worldwide. In February, 2015, we amazed the models and media, at Madrid Fashion Week, with mini-treatments for over 750 people in just 5 days. The personal beauty touch-ups drew rave reviews.

On September 19, we will, once again, be pampering the models and the show attendees as they become “catwalk-ready” at the stand-out fashion event of the year, the Off-Schedule London Fashion Week Show. Here we look forward to demonstrating our products to more than 2,500 people a day!

Take advantage of the fashion-inspired marketing buzz we are creating around your clinic and around the world by offering special Venus treatment packages for that “fashionable flawless look,” now and throughout the year.

Whether your patient is a model, public celebrity or simply a fashion enthusiast, invite them to join the excitement and help your client base grow with non-surgical, pain-free, long-lasting Venus treatments! Everyone wants to enhance or restore their natural beauty, besides a youthful complexion and shapely contoured body are always in season!

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