The Most Important Questions to Ask a Sales Rep

The Most Important Questions to Ask a Sales Rep

When it comes to making a new medical aesthetics device purchase, there is a lot of pressure on you as a buyer. Not only do you need to ensure you stick within a thoughtful budget that puts your clinic’s finances first, but you also need to feel confident that the device you purchase can bring in the kind of return on investment (ROI) your clinic needs. Investing in new technology can feel like an immense decision that requires a lot of thought and trust between buyer and seller. While there are many ways in which your purchase can go wrong, there is one major red flag many purchasers ignore that could lead to a major loss for your clinic, and leaving you with a device that really doesn’t suit your clinic’s unique needs or complement your current service offerings.

Anxiousness Is a Major Red Flag

It can be easy to get caught up in the details and become exasperated with choices when trying to find the perfect new device for your clinic. While anxiousness may seem like a natural reaction to a major purchase, it shouldn’t be your main emotion. In fact, fear and anxiety are one of the most common red flags aesthetics practices ignore, making this the biggest mistake clinics most often make when purchasing a new device. 

There shouldn’t be any uncertainty or fear with adding a new device to your services lineup. Companies that push you to accept a device that’s “good enough” are simply in it for the sale and don’t have your best interests in mind. Skip these offers and instead, seek out a device company that works to offer a solution that puts your practice’s unique clinical and financial needs first. You may even favor companies that are honest if they do not have a device that falls within those parameters but are upfront about it and offer an option that comes very close to meeting all your criteria with some added support—especially if they respect your need to take some time in making your decision.

Deadlines Don’t Exist

There should never be the pressure of an end-of-quarter deadline for any purchase. While every business has its quarterly sales goals, adding pressure to sign by a deadline or lose out on your agreed-upon terms is simply a tactic that sales representatives use to meet quotas and get commissions. As a buyer, your business’ best interests should come first. Making a purchase with any sense of buyer’s remorse creates a poor foundation for implementing a new device into your practice. Instead, ensure each purchase is surrounded by excitement and anticipation in providing your patients with the latest leading, in-demand services.

Don’t Ignore a Gut Instinct

All companies are looking to turn a profit—that’s the nature of business. However, a sign of a well-run business is one that seeks out a positive ongoing partnership with their customers rather than a simple sale. Do not ignore any feelings of anxiousness or lingering concerns; address them with the sales representative and ensure you feel good about what has been discussed before firming up any type of purchase.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a new medical aesthetics device is an investment that should work in your clinic’s favor while offering safe and effective treatments for your patients. That being said, purchasing a product without doing your due diligence can put both your patients and your business at risk. Ensuring you have complete confidence in your purchase is one significant way to avoid making any poor purchases that may hurt your aesthetics business, but there are other common mistakes practices make that should also be avoided for a better ROI and increased confidence in your device choice.

Become a self-educated buyer by knowing which red flags to watch for and the right questions to ask to ensure you’re making an informed decision that will improve your clinic’s overall success with our new report, The Risky Business of Buying Technology: The Most Important Questions to Ask a Sales Rep. Download your full copy today using the link below.


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