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Dermal rejuvenation

Patients are constantly on the lookout for facial and skin care treatments that are not only quick and comfortable, but that also deliver immediate results. In fact, several market research reports have shown steady growth in the global cosmetic skin care market, and forecast that it will reach over USD $150 billion by 2024. This clearly shows that patients are willing to spend the money when it comes to improving the look of their skin—you just need to be able to provide them with the right options.

Venus Concept offers a dermal rejuvenation solution that will enable you as a provider to offer patients the immediate results they’re looking for, while also growing your bottom line with expanded treatment options. The device features a vacuum, rotating tip, and ultra-fine jet streams that work simultaneously to open up pores and remove impurities, such as daily dirt and debris, dry or dead skin cells, and excess sebum. The result is an instantly rejuvenated complexion with a natural, healthy-looking glow.

Dermal rejuvenation devices

glow device

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A cost-effective dermal rejuvenation system that provides a powerful tri-modality treatment using a vacuum, rotating tip, and two strong jet streams. In addition to deep cleaning the pores, the treatment also works to increase local micro-blood circulation and enhance the spread of nutrients released from the bloodstream.


  • Adjustable vacuum gently pulls skin upward to open up and deep-clean pores.
  • 360-degree rotating tip micro-massages skin and evenly spreads purified water expelled from two ultra-fine jet streams.
  • Jet streams are finer than an average strand of hair and smaller than the average pore size.

Venus Concept is the exclusive distributor for Venus Glow™.

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