Holiday Marketing How-To 2020

Holiday Marketing How-To 2020

2020 is ushering in a holiday season like no other, presenting a unique marketing challenge for aesthetic clinics. With pandemic restrictions and a changed social landscape creating a new normal, what worked in previous years needs to be adapted, and you may need to build a new marketing strategy from scratch. In addition, businesses are facing increased competition for consumer attention as retailers refocus their holiday marketing to target online shoppers. 

The good news is, research indicates that the pandemic hasn’t slowed down consumer spending this holiday season. With so many restrictions in place, it seems that people are eager to take advantage of the products and services they do have access to. By adjusting your holiday marketing strategy to reflect the “new normal,” your aesthetic practice can turn this season into a resounding success. Here are our top tips for empowering your 2020 holiday marketing: 

Have A Flexible Strategy 

Right now the future is uncertain, and that makes consumers anxious. Health, safety, and finances are their top priority right now, so positioning your brand as one that cares about their top concerns is vital. You can still sell your services—just don’t do it the same way you always have. Take a compassionate stance and show them how you can meet their needs and help them feel better about themselves right now.  

As Google explains, customers don’t want to hear “look what you need”— they want to hear “we recognize your needs and we’re here to help you.” Research shows 65% of consumers say that how brands behave now will have a “huge impact” on what they will buy in the future after the COVID-19 crisis subsides.

Double Down On Digital 

Since the pandemic started, approximately 85% of the population has been shopping online. Hopefully, you’ve already started to offer some of your products and services online, whether that’s via online ordering for aesthetic products or offering virtual consultations. Gift certificates are an excellent way for aesthetic practices to get in on the online shopping trend. Make sure your clients know that they can access your expertise at any time by adding a chat option to your website. One thing to remember is that for some, making purchases online is still new territory, so it’s essential to highlight the reliability and quality of your offerings. 

Get Festive On Social 

Now is not the time to be subtle about the holidays. As marketing research shows, people are more excited about Christmas now than ever. They’re banking on the holiday season to redeem this difficult year, and who can blame them: 

Pandemic breakout Pinterest’s take on it is that in the face of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, people are looking forward to looking forward. 2020 has been a hard year, and consumers are craving the comfort of the holidays. They want this season to feel more festive than ever before, and they’re asking for brands to help them get there. 

So break out the decorations and embrace the Christmas spirit in all of your communications. Maybe share how you and your staff are making the holidays special, or offer some holiday-centric recipes or DIYs on your social channels. Gift list round-ups also make great content—and you can include your own offerings, too. The more you have fun with it, the more people will respond.

Embrace Social Distancing 

Consumers are far more likely to return to a business if they know that business has their safety as a priority. You’re probably already following whatever the guidelines are on social distancing in your region—now it’s time to turn them to your advantage. One strategy is to turn social distancing into a VIP experience. Have you ever wanted to rent out a whole museum or movie theatre so you could experience it by yourself? Give your clients the opportunity to do just that, but with their aesthetic goals as the main event. To make this worth your while, you may set a spending minimum, but amp up the experience by pampering them with champagne during their visit. This creates a sense of exclusivity and gives you one-on-one time with your clients to foster loyalty. 

Get Connected And Help To Connect Others

After nine months of social distancing, most of us want nothing more than to see our loved ones in person. Until we can do that safely, we have to find other ways to connect. You can stay connected to your clients by reaching out through email and social media to check in, and offering virtual consultations to stay engaged and accessible. Another way you can promote connectivity is to encourage the giving aspect of the holiday. Businesses are capitalizing on this by offering +1 promotions: buy a product or service and get one to give away to a friend at a discount or for free. Encourage your customer base to give the gift of self-care this year. 

Focus On Self-Care 

In 2014, the self-care industry had an estimated value of $10 billion. Now, as we leave 2020, it’s boomed to $450 billion. That’s a huge amount of growth, and much of it can be owed to this year alone. In fact, between 2019 and 2020, Google Search Trends shows a 250% increase in self-care related searches. This is a sign that you should gear your content to address how aesthetic treatments contribute to your clients’ overall well-being, happiness, and a better life. Show them that regular treatments and pursuing their aesthetic goals can improve their quality of life in the long-term.

We hope this primer on holiday marketing helps you adjust your seasonal strategy for 2020. As always, we’re here to help support and grow your practice. Contact us today.  

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