2021 Medical Aesthetic Industry Outlook

2021 Medical Aesthetic Industry Outlook

If you’re anything like us, you greeted 2021 with special enthusiasm. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but the outlook for the aesthetics industry going forward is very positive as the world starts to return to normal. History shows us that after major global events (such as SARS and 9/11), people return to the pursuit of beauty with more passion than ever—it’s simply human nature. Here are the upcoming trends for this year, and how your practice can gain an advantage by meeting them.

Enhancement Over Alteration

This year, patients will be more focused on enhancing their natural looks, rather than making artificial changes to their appearance. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are on the rise; expect them to be even more so in 2021. However, patients still expect visible results from these techniques, so your clinic should meet their needs with devices that offer the most effective, advanced medical aesthetic technologies on the market today.


We won’t go into the socio-political details of why inclusivity is now on everyone’s radar; suffice it to say, the expectation that all skin types are treated equally has reached the aesthetic industry too. What does this mean for your practice? A careful audit of your products and services to make sure that your clinic offerings are safe for all skin types, and that you have a spectrum of services to offer those with darker skin. Another point is to ensure your marketing materials and promotional posters showcase a diverse demographic to visually communicate what your business stands for.

Skin Care Goals 

In 2020, skin care was huge. As more people were required to work from home, makeup needs declined, while the demand for effective skin care products skyrocketed. However, this had the result that both men and women now have a fuller understanding of what topical products can do for them, and what they can’t achieve. So while the desire for a perfect complexion is still strong, in 2021 there will be more people seeking out aesthetic treatments to help them meet their skin goals.

Combination Treatments 

Like in every other facet of life, patients now expect to get more bang for their buck by combining aesthetic treatments for the best results. Staying true to the maxim that time is money, they also want to combine treatments to get the maximum benefits from their aesthetic visits in the least amount of time. Treatments that can be done over a lunch break, or on the way home from work, will be in higher demand than those that take hours. For that reason, multi-application devices like Venus Versa™, and treatments that combine modalities for a comprehensive protocol like TriBella™, are going to be essential to your clinic offerings in 2021. 

Higher Expectations 

Patients who come to your clinic in 2021 are going to have higher expectations than ever before when it comes to treatment results, customer experience, and value. The reason being, they expect businesses to have used the time in 2020 to improve aspects of their business. In fact, as part of our Practice Enhancement Program, Venus Concept provides business development support and clinical training to propel your practice forward. 

Venus Concept’s medical aesthetic and hair restoration devices are designed to deliver exceptional results with no to low downtime, but our relationship with our partner clinics doesn’t stop there. Our Subscription Plan allows you to introduce our powerful technology to your clinic on a unique business model. We also offer a comprehensive suite of business support services, tools, and one-on-one attention to help your practice flourish. Speak to one of our experts today, and together we’ll make sure your business thrives in 2021. 

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