How a Marketing Make-Under Can Propel Business Growth


As a medical aesthetics provider, you know that effectively marketing your services is key to business success. Unfortunately, for many aesthetic clinics, the results of a significant marketing plan can be disappointing, especially when doing more marketing turns out fewer results. In fact, in one survey of U.S. medical aesthetics practices, more than 40% of respondents said they were either very dissatisfied or felt neutral about the results all of their marketing efforts were really achieving. In contrast, just 18% said they were very satisfied. 

In today’s competitive industry, you need to weigh the benefits of your marketing efforts against your time and money spent on them. Gaining traction from every dollar and minute devoted to your marketing strategy should be the end goal with every task. But what’s the key to achieving that end goal? A marketing make-under.

What’s a Marketing Make-Under?

Coherent and consistent marketing can drive superior results, but you need to start by determining your clinic’s top goals. A marketing make-under is a four-step method to determine the measurable results of each marketing task and the top campaigns that will actually help you reach your goals. In just four steps, this process cuts through all the excess work to trim down your to-do list to improve results without any negative impact. 

In other words, while a makeover implies an ambitious, expensive new strategy, a make-under is a conscious evaluation of your current marketing efforts that leads to a leaner, simpler, more sustainable and effective program. Essentially, you can achieve more by doing less.

Is a Marketing Make-Under Right for My Aesthetics Business?

Medical aesthetics is a competitive field. Consumers have many choices, and marketing is a critical way to communicate with and attract prospective patients. For this reason, most clinics actively use marketing to reach their ideal target audience, but as consumer tastes and marketing trends rapidly change, practitioners attempt to keep up by pursuing increasingly complex marketing strategies. From optimizing the clinic’s website, to utilizing SEO strategies, wading into the latest social media platforms, building out email campaigns, establishing online and offline advertising strategies, newsletters, loyalty programs, referral marketing, events, promotions, and so on, marketing quickly grows out of control. With efforts and money spread so thin simply to encompass more tactics and platforms so-called marketing experts consider musts for business success—including every last social media platform—the overall impact of these strategies wanes. 

Do you even know if you are getting a good return on each investment? Do you track the results of each? Are your resources being deployed as effectively as possible? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, or if you feel overwhelmed by your marketing to-do list with few results to justify your investments, it’s time for a marketing make-under.

How to Get Started

Many medical aesthetics marketing programs are cobbled together and lack focus. The result is a feeling of overspending and overworking, so the first step is to evaluate where you’re investing your time and efforts and nailing down any measurable results. Next, you’ll define your aesthetic clinic’s goals before comparing them to your marketing strategies. The fourth and final step is to bring your marketing plan back to the basics by focusing in on a lean, well-defined marketing strategy that truly supports your end goal.

Most aesthetic practices that go through this exercise are able to reduce the number of marketing initiatives they pursue by at least half. They then expand and invest in their most rewarding tactics. By simplifying, you can better execute your marketing initiatives, more closely monitor performance, and often save significant money. As an added benefit, your stress level, dissatisfaction, and lack of confidence in your marketing plan will decrease alongside an increase in business success and growth.

So, are you ready to get started on your marketing make-under? Download our step-by-step guide, “Do You Need a ‘Make-Under’? Get Better Aesthetic Marketing Results By Doing Less,” today!


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