Our New Revenue Share Program in North America and Europe


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Advanced Connectivity Module (ACM) Revenue Share Program, powered by Venus Connect™ smart technology.

The Venus Concept Revenue Share Program has been developed to offer aesthetic professionals yet another option to gain access to the latest technology with virtually no risk. "Our new Revenue Share Program is a continuation of our commitment to offer industry partners access to cutting-edge aesthetic technology without the traditional barriers they may have encountered in the past," says Domenic Serafino, Chairman and CEO of Venus Concept Ltd. "Our new Venus Connect™ technology allows us to simply place aesthetic systems with qualified customers and charge them a flat fee based on their monthly usage. The systems will be completely warrantied for as long as they participate in the program, which is yet another industry first."

The first platform that we will deploy using this new ACM technology will be the Venus Velocity™ diode laser hair removal system. "In addition to general usage information, we will be able to remotely monitor other data points, which will then be compiled in a monthly statement form to be provided to our customers," explains David Bays, Vice President of Business Development for Venus Concept Ltd. "We feel this information will be invaluable to our customers in validating how well the system is working for them, and it will give us guidance on how we can help our customers make improvements through marketing initiatives, additional training, and other day-to-day operational decisions."

Our ACM Revenue Share Program will be available in the United States and Canada starting immediately, followed by European countries in late August, 2018. Remaining global countries in which Venus Concept operates will have access to the program in early 2019.

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