How Multi-Treatment Platforms Can Help Your Aesthetics Clinic Grow

How Multi-Treatment Platforms Can Help Your Aesthetics Clinic Grow

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that in 2017, growth in the demand for non-invasive aesthetics treatments outpaced the demand for surgical treatments by nearly 8 to 1. With consumers appearing to lean more toward non-surgical procedures as their first choice, it’s only fitting to invest in this area, but which treatments should your aesthetics clinic offer? Guessing which specific trends might stick for years to come can be a difficult game to play, so why not invest in a multi-treatment platform that covers multiple in-demand procedures instead? Consider the following benefits to determine if this is the right choice for your aesthetics clinic.

Benefits of a Multi-Treatment Medical Aesthetics Device

Easily Adapt to Meet Consumers’ Changing Demands

Soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion were among the most popular non-surgical aesthetics treatments in 2016. However, from 2016 to 2017, the top five non-surgical procedures that saw the greatest increase were micro-ablative skin resurfacing (99.5% increase), ablative skin resurfacing (29.2%), fat reduction (24.7%), chemical peels (15.9%), and skin tightening treatments (15.1%). So, while some non-surgical or minimally invasive treatment options appear to maintain their popularity, there are growing opportunities in a range of non-surgical treatments.

Opting for a multi-treatment aesthetics device offers the opportunity to easily pivot to meet consumers’ changing demands—you can simply update and refocus your marketing campaigns to better promote the treatments gaining in popularity without having to purchase any new equipment for your clinic. Without a multi-treatment device, this switch in marketing and service offerings would cost your clinic much more time and money. Adding ongoing aesthetics education to the mix for all of your treatment offerings can also help ensure your clinic is always a step ahead of competitors.

Offer Optimal Results with Complementary Uses

Investing in a multi-treatment platform, particularly one that supports complementary uses of energy-based procedures, can help to improve your clinical outcomes and show off your expertise with quality before-and-after photos. Consider TriBella treatments, exclusive to the Venus Versa™ multi-application platform. This treatment protocol allows providers to deliver a three-step facial rejuvenation treatment that simultaneously enhances skin’s tone, tightness, and texture. Each TriBella™ session utilizes different applicators with distinct modes of action to provide three consecutive treatments: photorejuvenation, anti-aging, and skin resurfacing. Clinics using Venus Versa™ may choose to offer the combined TriBella™ protocol or deliver each treatment separately, depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Build Up Practice Service Offerings with Less Capital

A multi-treatment medical aesthetics device often requires various applicators for different types of treatments. For example, a device may require two different applicators to perform skin resurfacing and photorejuvenation treatments. While applicators will be an additional cost, it is much more manageable to scale or expand your clinic’s services by purchasing applicators rather than complete devices. As well, acquiring a multi-treatment platform via Venus Concept’s industry-unique subscription acquisition model can help by maintaining equal cost payments to better manage expenses as your clinic grows.

Make Better Use of Limited Office Space

Whether you’re spring cleaning your office or simply looking to upgrade the layout, space-saving devices can offer significant benefits for aesthetics clinics with a smaller square footage. Rather than accommodating several devices to fulfill your list of offered services in several rooms, a multi-treatment platform can allow for one treatment room, opening up further space for other endeavors that can assist with business growth. Consider using the extra space to provide more room for patient comfort to improve their experience, a staff relaxation room to raise team morale, or a dedicated space for before-and-after photos to improve your marketing materials. Regardless, an upgrade to a single, versatile multi-treatment system can offer benefits beyond offering the most in-demand services—it can enhance many other aspects of your medical aesthetics business as well.

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