Top 5 Benefits of Complementary Treatments for Your Aesthetics Business

Top 5 Benefits of Complementary Treatments for Your Aesthetics Business

Today’s average aesthetics patient is a multitasker who has many responsibilities, from professional careers to families, travel, social outings, and health and lifestyle commitments. It seems only natural then that aesthetics patients value time-saving treatment plans that offer high efficacy and minimal downtime—this is where complementary treatments can help. In fact, 66% of facial plastic surgeons alone reported that combination non-surgical procedures rang in as the top trend in their practices in 2016.

Aside from attracting the attention of busy prospective patients, what are the benefits of adding complementary treatments to your service offerings or even including them as an option in your long-term treatment plan recommendations?

Why Should Aesthetics Clinics Offer Complementary Treatments?

Benefit #1: Time Savings

With complementary treatments, patients are able to achieve the results they desire in much fewer visits, particularly when using energy-based non-invasive pairings. This helps to reduce patients’ commute time and minimizes any impact on their schedules, improving patient compliance and satisfaction. Likewise, administering multiple treatments during one appointment allows treatment providers to better manage their schedule and reduce the risk of long wait times for patients between appointments.

Benefit #2: Synergistic Results

Offering treatments that complement each other can heighten patient satisfaction by boosting treatment efficacy. Utilizing complementary therapies and modalities, aesthetics providers are able to treat different indications and deliver energy at different tissue depths to enhance outcomes and create a more homogenous, natural result. More noticeable results can make for a significant opportunity to capture quality before-and-after images (with proper patient consent, of course) that help to attract further prospective patients.

Benefit #3: Improved Efficiency

When patients are able to receive multiple services in one appointment block, aesthetic providers are able to use staff time and treatment rooms more efficiently. Administrative time required for patient check-in, appointment scheduling, patient preparation, and charting are minimized, saving your clinic both time and money. This also allows patients to move more quickly from the waiting room to the treatment room when there are fewer patients to juggle.

Benefits #4: Stronger Patient-Provider Relationships

Offering multiple therapies at once makes it easier for providers and patients to execute a well thought-out treatment plan that addresses all areas of concern in tandem rather than a piecemeal approach. This contributes to increased trust and client satisfaction and can spur improved word of mouth and reviews. Longer appointment blocks also allow for aesthetics providers to better connect to the patient as the treatments are being administered, allowing for a deeper patient-provider relationship.

Benefits #5: Financial Benefits

Acquiring a new customer is reported to be five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one, according to Harvard Business Review. Providing more services to one client increases the value of that relationship to the provider, a metric called customer lifetime value, and makes strong business sense. This value may enable you to offer even more attractive package pricing to clients. Of course, promotional pricing for multiple treatments should only be offered if such discounts are in line with your clinic’s branding. If not, you may consider holding VIP events for these patients to treat them to free demonstrations of new services or products, as well as some social drinks or hors d'oeuvres to get to know them better, have them invite other prospective patients, and strengthen the overall patient-provider relationship with your most loyal patients.

How to Begin Incorporating Complementary Treatments into Your Aesthetic Service Offerings

Incorporating complementary treatments can be a lucrative step to building out your aesthetics business, especially when investing in versatile equipment that has the capability to deliver various modalities, such as the TriBella™ treatment, exclusive to the Venus Versa™ system. TriBella™ is the most complete aesthetic facial therapy. Using three applicators with distinct modes of action, the treatment combines RF and IPL to deliver unparalleled outcomes in the enhancement of skin tone, texture, and tightness. Venus Versa™ essentially enables physicians to offer their patients optimal results while also minimizing equipment costs.

TriBella™ is just one way to incorporate complementary treatments into your aesthetic clinic’s offerings. To learn more, download our latest report, In a Time-Pressed Age, Complementary Treatments Delight Aesthetic Patients, and get started on the right track.


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