How to Hire the Right Medical Director

How to Hire the Right Medical Director

Hiring a medical director for a medical aesthetics clinic can seem like a big leap of faith. As always, hiring a new member of the team can be worrisome. Will they mesh with the staff and patients, draw in the right clientele, and alter the medical aesthetics clinic in a positive way overall? These questions become even more crucial when hiring a medical director, as this person will be in charge of most day-to-day operations.

Since a medical director for a medical aesthetics clinic can be a hefty investment, it’s best to take the time to thoroughly review candidates. To help ensure the right candidate is chosen, consider the following tips on how to hire the best medical director for your aesthetics clinic.

First Things First: Know the Regulations

Before publishing a job posting for your new medical director, ensure all the proper qualifications are listed. Depending on location, various boards have differing regulations and best-practice guidelines that medical aesthetics clinics and spas must follow. Depending on services offered, credentials required for a medical director may vary from a licensed physician who specializes in aesthetic medicine to a certified treatment provider with some additional qualifications. Research the requirements in the country, state/province, or region in which the clinic is located and seek legal advice if there is any confusion regarding wh at certifications, training, or active licenses a medical director requires in that area.

Check Credentials Alongside References

In many regions, it’s easy to check a physician or nurse practitioner’s credentials. Again, be well-versed in all national, state/provincial, or regional requirements for medical directors at med-spas, and verify the credentials of each candidate with the proper licensing bodies. Don’t just take a reference’s word for it. Liability will fall back onto the owner and operator of the spa, so it’s worth it to fact-check any potential candidate’s résumé before making an offer.

Ask About Their Track Record

Speak to each candidate about their patient satisfaction rates and if they are able to provide any patient reviews from their prior position(s). If they’re unable to provide this information, the Internet can prove a useful tool. Referring to the candidate’s résumé, search online for patient reviews and the overall rating of the medical aesthetic clinic where they worked. Are there a lot of reviews or very few? Are there any recurring criticisms that appear to have not been addressed by the clinic? Are there any professional replies to negative reviews offering a fair and cordial resolution? The answers to these questions can offer a glimpse into how the candidate may be suited to lead a new medical aesthetics clinic to the next level based on their customer service record and their ability to accept and react to criticism.

Consider a Working Interview

A handful of candidates may look perfect on paper, but how will they mesh with the team or ideal target client? Can they offer the level of care expected at that particular medical aesthetics clinic? If possible, following the first round of interviews, ask the top two or three candidates in for a working interview. Have the candidate act in the medical director role for half a day, simulating the suggestions they would may make to improve business operations, marketing efforts, patient care, or the consultation process. If they will be expected to perform medical aesthetic treatments, have candidates perform a couple different treatments on willing staff and ask for the staff’s feedback on the prospective candidate. This should only be a working trial, so make sure that the prospective employee does not interact with patients or access confidential information without a current employee present and a signed confidentiality waiver on file.

Don’t Forget the Bottom Line

If possible, don’t go it alone. Hiring a medical director for an aesthetics clinic is a task that requires legal counsel for insurance and regulatory concerns. Ensure a lawyer is on hand throughout the process, and have them speak to the proposed medical director before hiring to ensure the candidate is well-aware of their legal duties before taking on the role. It’ll keep their rights covered and give you peace of mind for the business successes of your medical aesthetics clinic over the long haul.

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