2021: How the Pandemic Changed Demand for Aesthetic Treatments

2021: How the Pandemic Changed Demand for Aesthetic Treatments

Running a business during the pandemic has put unprecedented pressure on business owners to be resilient, adaptive, and determined. Going forward, the aesthetic industry won’t be the same, but the outlook is positive. Aesthetic treatments continued to be in high demand throughout 2020, and 2021 promises that the growth will continue. According to a market research report, the medical aesthetics market is poised to grow by more than $7 billion between 2020-2024, forecasting an increase of 7% during this period

However, the pandemic has affected beauty trends, attitudes toward self-care, and influenced customer needs in a way that will impact aesthetic practitioners going forward. Read on to learn how the pandemic has changed the demand for aesthetic treatments, and how your clinic can meet them. 

Non-Invasive Treatments Are More Popular 

One way to discover how client demand is changing is by studying the terms they search for when researching aesthetic treatments. From a recent data-driven analysis of these terms, we can see that interest in non-invasive treatments has increased, while interest in surgical treatments has decreased. Furthermore, the terms that are receiving increased interest are for concerns that can be addressed through non-invasive treatments: things like forehead wrinklesslack skin, loss of definition in the jawline, tired eyes and dark circles, and love handles. Along with surgeries, injectables are also trending downward, with searches for lip filler and injectables decreasing significantly. This suggests a continuation of last year’s shift from alteration to a preference for enhancing one’s natural looks. To meet this need, clinics should ramp up their promotion of non-invasive treatments and educate clients on how these can be multi-effectual at targeting a variety of concerns, including anti-aging, fat reduction, skin laxity, and others that have traditionally been treated through surgical means.

Facial Treatments Are In High Demand

For various reasons, we’re headed into a period where facial treatments are in high demand. For one thing, it looks like Maskne is here to stay for the time being. Aging will always be a concern, and these days, more and more clients are aware that consistent care is key. This has meant that even during uncertain times, patients have kept up their regular treatment routines, and will continue to do so going forward. Additionally, the work-from-home trend has seen millions of people relying on video conferencing software for their jobs. Virtual meetings put the spotlight on the face alone, and so it’s become a major focus for those who want to improve their appearances overall. Just as important, this past year has seen a major push toward more inclusive body image standards, which has caused a shift in attention from changing how the body looks to enhancement, especially above the neck. Treatments that improve the look of the skin, combat aging, and enhance facial features are, therefore, becoming more popular than ever before. 

Safety Is Top Priority

Anxiety around hygiene has now become the norm, perhaps for the long-term. Aesthetic practices have always taken safety and cleanliness very seriously, and so any new measure required to meet current standards shouldn’t be too much of a burden, either procedurally or financially. However, you shouldn’t take for granted that your clients are aware of this. Make sure to preempt their concerns by putting your efforts to look after their health and safety up-front and center. You can do this by mentioning it on your social media channels, and including it in patient communications.

Customer Service Is Essential 

Patients who come to your clinic in 2021 are going to have higher expectations than ever before when it comes to treatment results, customer experience, and value. As always, the best way to ensure client loyalty is by offering them products and services that satisfy their aesthetic goals. Additionally, patients are going to expect a high level of service and expertise from clinic staff. As part of our Practice Enhancement Program, we provide additional business training for you and your staff to guarantee your client’s satisfaction. 

Staying Connected Is A Must 

Even once the pandemic has been brought under control, it will take some time for people to resume normal activities. Residual concerns over the safety of being in public could linger, which is why it’s vital to stay connected to your customers virtually. Whether it’s through your social media channelsemail marketing, video tutorials, content marketing, or otherwise, your audience will continue to be on the lookout for advice, tutorials, and new information about your clinic’s products and services. This is a good time to get creative and figure out how you can offer valuable content and to encourage them to invest in their aesthetic goals in 2021. For instance, making consultations available virtually is a straightforward and strategic way to boost clinic revenue. 

Get Support When You Need It Most

Without a doubt, the pandemic was led to unforeseen challenges in the aesthetic industry. Even with the positive outlook on the horizon, your practice may be struggling. Let us help. With our Practice Enhancement Program, you’re not just getting our cutting-edge medical aesthetic technology. We want your practice to succeed, and we do that by sharing our expertise with you. 

As part of the program, you’ll have the benefit of one-on-one attention from industry experts to develop a customized strategy tailored to help your business flourish and grow. You’ll get comprehensive support in the following areas:

Strategic planning and clinic efficiency strategies, including clinic protocol and best practices, patient retention strategies, and data collection and analysis

Ongoing marketing support, including guidance on SEO and SEM to promote your online presence, social media strategy, and other promotional avenues

Finance and profitability planning, including effective pricing strategies, guidance finding and implementing new sources of revenue, and customized tools for financial analysis 

Clinical and technical support, including complimentary clinical training on Venus Concept devices for you and your staff, as well as ongoing technical support

Find out how our enthusiastic team can support your business to success by speaking with us today.


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