At Venus Concept, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customers. That’s the reason our business model is uniquely designed to cater to them. See why over 4,000 practices around the world have partnered with Venus Concept to offer their patients the best in non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

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Below are testimonials from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and physicians who have worked with Venus Concept and purchased our devices.

Stillwater Skin Medical Spa
Amy Haugen, Owner

"I have been in business for 28 years, I have made a lot of business decisions and one of the best decisions I have made was to buy the Venus Versa. I volunteered to be a model on this machine and I have been sold ever since. I no longer use my Sciton BBL and I highly recommend the Venus Versa. It has also been very profitable to my organization. I am looking forward to adding a second Venus Versa when I sell my BBL. I have been able to raise my prices because the Venus Versa is getting much better results in less treatments than my BBL was and is less painful. I have had clients ask me if it's really working because they don't experience the same pain they did with my BBL. Patients love the Radio Frequency skin tightening compared to skin tyte with my BBL and the results are better. My clientele is really embracing this system and coming back more often than normal. We have witnessed amazing results with our clients using Venus Versa. I am very pleased with the support, training, power and real results of this machine.

Dr. Steven Zimmet
Dr. Steven Zimmet
“The goal is to help my patients maintain their health and feeling of well being, and when they also love their results, that’s very rewarding. Venus Legacy™ makes it easy for the doctor to accomplish their goals; it has the distinction of allowing the physician, rather than the product, to control and customize the treatment to each patient’s needs. Best of all, Venus Legacy™ results are immediate, long-lasting, pain-free, and require no downtime.”

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