3 Myths About MediSpas That Are All Wrong

3 Myths About MediSpas That Are All Wrong

There are some significant benefits to the MediSpa business model, but it is often dismissed due to all the myths surrounding these creative businesses that float between a traditional spa experience and a modern medical aesthetics clinic. If you’re guilty of hastily dismissing the possibility of opening your own MediSpa, consider these truths to help you make a more informed decision. 

Myth #1: MediSpas Conduct Medical Aesthetics Treatments Illegally

The MediSpa experience will always be one that focuses on a comprehensive and relaxing experience for patients and this can skew the perception of whether or not they’re operating above the board. The medical spa business model is not exempt from regional, national, or industry regulations. MediSpas still fall under the rules and regulations of their area, including business ownership rules. For example, in some states, even if nurses are qualified to deliver aesthetic services to patients, they cannot own a MediSpa.

As well, while the marketing focus may often be on spa services, many MediSpas are run by highly qualified dermatologists and medical directors, and meet all regional and national regulations to properly expand and deliver their service offerings, which includes ongoing aesthetics education. For this reason, opting for a non-invasive medical aesthetics service at a MediSpa is no different than opting for the same treatment at a clinic—except that patients may also receive massages, manicures, or traditional facials at the same location. Of course, there will always be businesses that don’t meet the minimum standards, but this is true for any industry.

Myth #2: MediSpas Specialize in Fillers

While fillers may be on most MediSpa service menus, these businesses are just as valid an option for patients seeking a custom non-invasive body contouring or photorejuvenation treatment plan. In fact, the ability to combine these services with options like body scrubs, massages, or facials is what makes the MediSpa model so appealing to patients and medical aesthetics professionals alike.

For the treatment provider, it’s easier to expand your service offerings to attract new clients and keep them coming back with continuing care via spa services. Plus, with a variety of service offerings, it becomes easier to get to know a patient and their concerns as your relationship develops over regular facial, waxing, or manicure appointments, making it possible to offer additional treatments that may meet their aesthetic goals once you have earned their trust. For patients, MediSpas are a one-stop shop to receive all the basic beauty services from a team they trust. Essentially, it’s a win-win that goes far beyond a bit of filler.

Myth #3: MediSpas Are More Concerned with Experiences Than Results

It’s true that MediSpas center around providing a comprehensive and relaxing patient experience, but that’s not the only goal. Just as clinics survive on quality before-and-after photos that prove they can deliver the results patients are looking for, medical spas are just as concerned with efficacy. With 83% of prospective patients unwilling to even consider an aesthetics clinic or MediSpa that doesn’t offer before-and-after images online, it would be impossible for the MediSpa model to sell services without focusing on showcasing results.

As well, being a services-based business, a MediSpa has no choice but to look beyond atmosphere and aesthetic to improve online reviews. According to a roundup of consumer habits by Forbes, online reviews are a resource that 90% of consumers use and 84% trust more than a friend’s recommendation. For these reasons, it’s imperative for MediSpas to work to obtain optimal results for their patients and offer a proven track record to prospective patients, just as it is with a medical aesthetics clinic.

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