4 Marketing Ideas to Try This Summer

4 Marketing Ideas to Try This Summer

No matter where you are in the world, spring always feels long awaited. It’s a time of renewal and it means that summer is not too far away. As an aesthetics clinic, it is extremely important to understand your patients’ needs during this time of year in order to better market your services and cater to your patients’ needs. Once you’ve evaluated your target market and determined the most effective way to reach them, you’ll be ready to make the most of your marketing dollars by implementing these four summer marketing ideas to help bring more traffic into your medical aesthetics practice. 

Cross Promotions

Summer is a time where many local businesses are buzzing. Consider using this opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship with other merchants around your area in order to bring in more customers. Find a business that has a similar target market and positioning as yours. It could be a hair salon, a gym, or even a restaurant. Work with the partner to develop a cross-promotional program—it can involve anything from loyalty rewards and discounts to simply placing brochures at each other’s front desks. Consumers who are already visiting businesses near your location are more likely to become a customer at other nearby businesses, so having this very targeted offline method at your disposal is useful, not to mention that it wouldn’t cost a whole lot to do.

Local Events

Summer is a time when many people head outdoors to attend fun community events and street festivals. Consider partnering with one of these events and hosting a booth to talk about your service offerings and to generate some buzz around your aesthetics practice. (Just make sure that the event you choose matches your target demographic.) Try to include some sort of fun activity or incentive on site to draw visitors to your booth, such as a game of ring toss with gift cards as prizes or “spin the wheel” to win complimentary treatments. 

Google Ads

As more consumers search summer-related terms on Google, your practice has a great opportunity to appeal to this audience of potential patients by ensuring your website displays at the top of the search results as a sponsored ad—using Google Ads can help with this. When producing content for your ads, focus on popular keywords that are seasonally related. If you are already promoting your business with Google Ads, you can tailor your existing ads to fit queries that patients are searching for during the summer season. A few easy places to start could be laser hair removal, bikini laser hair removal, body contouring, or cellulite reduction—these are all keywords for treatments that tend to gain popularity in the summer as the focus shifts to body-related concerns.

Referral Offers

Consider conducting an email marketing campaign for your current customers with some sort of exclusive offer that they can use to refer more business to your aesthetics practice. For example, if budgets permit, consider sending out an exclusive promotion where current customers can bring a friend and get the same two treatments for the price of one, or host a “Bring a Friend Day” and treat both parties to additional incentives and the VIP treatment. These ideas are great for generating patient loyalty and can act as a trial to convert aesthetic newbies and skeptics. Keep in mind that these tips will also help to build a strong referral program

There are so many things you can do this summer to bring more traffic to your practice and to generate more excitement around your business. The first step is to get your clinic in the summer mood and focus on promoting the treatments that patients want most for the season. For Venus Concept customers, you can easily get started now using our selection of brand new treatment-specific, summer-themed ads, available in both digital and print-ready formats. The ads are ready to download for free here. Not a Venus Concept customer yet? Click the button below to learn more about how you can get in on these exclusive marketing assets.

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