4 Proven In-Office Upselling Techniques to Try Today

4 Proven In-Office Upselling Techniques to Try Today

You’ve probably heard the business axiom, it’s easier to sell to a current client than to attract a new client. The same is true when it comes to your medical aesthetics practice, yet it’s possible that you’re overlooking opportunities to upsell to current patients. Uncomfortable with the idea of upselling? Rethink your attitude. Smart upselling techniques aren’t pushy or aggressive. Instead, they can make patients aware of all the services you offer as well as their benefits. Further, patients now have more ways to achieve their desired results.

One of the best times to upsell to patients is when they’re at your practice, waiting for a treatment or scheduling another one. Here are four proven strategies to employ.

  1. Use waiting room videos. Patients will be in your waiting room for at least a minute or two before their appointment. Why not use that time to promote your services to patients? Videos are a great way to showcase before and after photos of treatment results and inform patients about the services you provide as well as special offers, packages, or pricing. Videos can also distract patients, causing a shorter perceived waiting time, which can increase overall satisfaction.
  2. Create collateral. In addition to videos, consider producing products that patients can read and take home with them. Your website no doubt already lists and describes the services you provide, how they work, and their benefits for patients. Still, having brochures and flyers available to page through in the waiting room or treatment room is another way to keep patients up to date on what you offer. You might have one brochure that details all of your services, or have pamphlets dedicated to various needs, such as those targeted at improving the look and feel of skin.
  3. Offer free samples. Your patient has already booked an appointment and is willing to invest in his or her physical appearance and confidence. Why not offer this individual a free sample, or let him or her try a procedure you offer, as part of the appointment? For example, you might perform dermal rejuvenation treatment on a small section of skin so the patient can feel the treatment and better understand what it does. Another benefit to this kind of upselling is that patients who may be apprehensive about the potential discomfort of a treatment know what it feels like and what to expect, which can make them more likely to opt for it. If your med spa sells skin care or body products, offering small samples of those is another way to let patients try them out, boosting the odds they’ll purchase them.
  4. Sell gift certificates. Offering gift certificates is one of the easiest ways to upsell current clients, so make sure you’re promoting them. In addition to specific dollar amounts, consider offering themed gift certificates or packages (such as “Here Comes Summer” or “Treat Yourself on Mother’s Day”) that patients can buy for their loved ones. Offering discounts on gift certificates (e.g., $1,100 worth of treatment for $1,000) is another way to promote these kinds of sales

As you can see, effective upselling informs patients about the services you offer and encourages people to try them. It’s relatively simple to implement these strategies. Making upselling a priority can help keep patients satisfied and your practice growing.

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