Anti-Aging for Every Decade

Anti-Aging for Every Decade

Did you know that a person born in this decade could potentially live to be 150 years old? With continuing advances in healthcare and technology, experts believe that it’s entirely possible. So, it only stands to reason that with a longer average lifespan, prospective patients are looking for ways to continue looking younger for longer and they’re getting started at an earlier age (even pre-teens are getting anti-aging tips).

Here are some ideas medical aesthetics clinics can use to help meet the needs of younger prospective patients while designing a treatment plan that will better grow with them at each decade. (Tip: Bookmark this page in your browser for easy reference!) 

Anti-Aging for Every Decade Progression

Anti-Aging Treatments for Patients in Their 20s

While some dermatologists and non-invasive medical aesthetic providers may take on clients at a younger age to treat skin concerns like acne vulgaris or to offer preventative skincare tips, such as the proper application of sunscreen or how beauty sleep can improve skin, youth really aren’t the ideal market to begin a complete anti-aging treatment plan. In their twenties, however, young adults are thinking ahead, falling into skincare routines to treat fine lines and prevent wrinkles as collagen production begins to decline by an annual rate of one percent.

A simplified and consistent skincare routine may be enough to solve prospective patients’ concerns regarding fine lines and wrinkles while avoiding adult acne breakouts as a result of too many shifts in their skincare regimen. Look to anti-aging skincare powerhouses containing collagen-boosting peptides and healing anti-inflammatory growth factors procured from laboratory cultured bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells for a powerful start to any long-term anti-aging treatment plan. When paired with targeted photorejuvenation treatments for early signs of skin damage, this high-quality, cutting-edge skincare combination offers the effective prerejuvenation option millennial patients are looking for, treating both intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors.

Anti-Aging Treatments for Patients in Their 30s

Starting in their mid-twenties and spanning into their thirties, prospective patients may start to notice a few more lumps and bumps showing up on buttocks, thighs, or the abdomen. As estrogen begins to decline, its natural impact on blood vessels and collagen production shifts. With decreased estrogen levels, blood vessel receptors, blood circulation, oxygen delivery to the cells, and collagen production all decline. At the same time, fat cells increase and start to break through weakened collagen structures, leading to the first signs of cellulite.

While cellulite may not appear its worst at this time, catching it early with an advanced non-surgical solution for cellulite reduction affords the best results, but it’s imperative to keep the patient’s expectations in check. While body contouring and radio frequency-based cellulite reduction treatments featuring adjustable pulsed suction technology may improve the appearance of cellulite, depending on the type of cellulite being treated and its overall appearance, it may not be possible to entirely erase cellulite. With this in mind, you may suggest alternative methods of masking cellulite or a cellulite reduction cream to pair with non-surgical treatments to improve the overall outcome.

Anti-Aging Treatments for Patients in Their 40s

During perimenopause, the stage prior to menopause, women’s hormone levels begin to fluctuate, similar to what occurs during adolescence. Adult acne is fairly common during this time, as fluctuating estrogen levels can lead to increased sebum production. Meanwhile, a decline in estradiol, an estrogen steroid hormone, during this period is highly correlated with the perception of aging. According to a study by Widt and Sir-Petermann published in The Treatment of Postmenopausal Women (Third Edition), age estimates for each of 100 women in the perimenopause or menopause stage were made within one minute of the women entering a clinic. Following the prediction, the women’s estradiol levels were measured. The results concluded that higher estradiol levels were associated with younger age estimates, while lower levels of estradiol made women appear much older than their actual age.  

Depending on what symptoms the patient is presenting during perimenopause, anti-aging and aesthetic beauty treatments during this period will vary. While top advances in adult acne treatments, such as intense pulsed light (IPL) dual-light acne treatments that utilize both red and blue light therapies to reduce acne-related inflammation and porphyrian produced by acne-causing bacteria, can help to clear estrogen-linked adult acne, non-surgical skin tightening treatments can better thwart the effects of decreased estrogen production, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and firming lax skin by kickstarting the natural collagen and elastin production cycles.

Anti-Aging Treatments for Patients in Their 50s or Older

According to anti-aging specialists for the baby boomer generation, women in the mid-fifties to sixty-plus age range are less concerned about erasing wrinkles or looking younger, than achieving an enhanced version of themselves. This significant shift in view opens up the option to create customized combination aesthetic treatments that tweak and finesse, and are better aligned with more realistic expectations of the outcomes achieved using non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Consider pairing cryolipolysis with radio frequency body contouring treatments for better effects on fat cells and cellulite, or explore the options of combining skin-firming treatments with fillers for plumper, smoother-looking skin. For the most part, the customization options are endless, particularly with a versatile multi-applicator platform like Venus Versa™ with TriBella™ tri-modality anti-aging treatments. Via three distinct applicators, TriBella™ treatments offer a synergistic treatment that combines three cutting-edge technologies for effective results and an overall skin rejuvenation treatment plan that targets tone, tightness, and texture for an enhanced appearance that’s perfect for this age demographic.

To learn more about the benefits of Venus Versa™ TriBella™, or to discover how Venus Concept can better help your medical aesthetics clinic match the needs of you anti-aging patients at any age, contact a Venus Concept expert today.

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