Clinical Bulletin: Treat C-section Scars Using Ablation and Resurfacing of the Skin

Clinical Bulletin: Treat C-section Scars Using Ablation and Resurfacing of the Skin

Approximately one-third of all births in the United States are done using C-sections, and that rate is increasing every year as more women opt for this procedure. The abdominal surgical scar left by a C-section may be accompanied by pain, tenderness, rigidity, and itching. Furthermore, the appearance of the abdominal scar can be of a concern to some women.

Fortunately, there is a non-invasive solution that can produce satisfactory results on C-section scars without the downtime. As discussed by Dr. Kai O Kaye, board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Ocean Clinic in this clinical bulletin, he explores the option to treat abdominal scarring using the Venus Viva™ MD NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) device. He explains in detail the parameters and settings on this highly customizable skin resurfacing solution that were able to produce results like this:

As the radio frequency energy is produced by an electric current rather than a light source, it is not scattered by tissue or absorbed by melanin, making it possible for patients with Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI to benefit from treatment. Dr. Kaye trusts Venus Viva™ MD for its ease of use and the safety efficacy profile of the treatment. He is able to deliver exactly the amount of energy needed for a given scar by selecting voltage and pulse-width independently with the desired combination of ablation and coagulation. Topical numbing cream is typically used to manage any discomfort during treatment.

C-section scars are often thick and with strong adhesions to the underlying fascia, so the goal is to have an increased depth of energy  delivered into the tissue to maximize ablation. Dr. Kaye generally works with a setpoint of parameters at 260-280 V and a pulse width at 25-28 ms. Depending on scar initial status and response, as well as skin type, 3-6 treatments are typically necessary to achieve the  desired change in the C-section appearance.

Access this bulletin and see how you can leverage the customizability of Venus Viva™ MD to treat this common concern.  

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