Consider The Work From Home Phenomenon In Your Marketing

Consider The Work From Home Phenomenon In Your Marketing

It’s been a difficult year, but while the global situation is still getting resolved, let’s focus on some good news. While many businesses are struggling, medical aesthetic clinics have proven to be more resilient than most, with the aesthetic industry expected to experience continued growth through the end of the year.

As your clinic is adjusting to the new challenges being posed by the current circumstances, it’s important to adapt your marketing efforts to the new normal. One of the trends to take advantage of now is the fact that much of the population is working from home. Here’s how to market your services to the WFH demographic:  

Marketing To Your Work From Home Clients 

Check In With Your Regulars

Sometimes, the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all. This is a good time to apply a human touch to your interactions with clients. You no doubt have a robust list of clients with whom you have an excellent professional relationship—reach out to them with a quick phone call or email simply to check in and see how they’re doing. A thoughtful gesture like this one can go a long way to ensuring loyalty and will remind them that they have a place they can go that makes them feel good and look good, too.

Offer Them A Safe Space

When you reopened your clinic, you probably let your clients know about the increased safety precautions you’ve employed to secure the health of your staff and clients. Keep up the good work by reminding them in your communications that aesthetic clinics have always taken safety seriously, and that your clinic is one place they can visit without worrying.

Focus On Their Needs Now 

Due to certain lifestyle changes, your clients may be more in need of some kinds of treatments than others. For instance, because they’re working from home and likely participating in Zoom calls, facial treatments might have higher priority than hair removal or body treatments. Anti-aging and photofacial treatments can all help your clients look their best on video conferencing software. As ever, consistency is key, and keeping up their aesthetic treatment plan is vital for long-term effects.

Amp Up Your Social Media Content

There’s one thing we all have in common right now—we’re spending more time than usual scrolling. Take advantage of your captive audience by filling your social media feeds with content that focuses on the positive. Maybe you want to offer a discount on bundled services, or to new clients. Give your followers something to read by linking to informative blog posts, and use captions to relate them back to your clinic’s offerings. 

Highlight These Treatment Aspects 

Even though they’re stuck at home, your clients are probably busier than ever, juggling work, childcare, perhaps taking care of a vulnerable relative. For that reason, it’s advantageous to highlight how fast and effective your treatment offerings are. Treatments that require only 15-30 minute sessions are a great way to bring clients in for a quick boost in their appearance.

Plenty Of Recovery Time 

One of the top concerns for people new to aesthetic treatments is the recovery time required post-treatment. Although Venus Concept devices are designed to require little to no downtime, this is still a concern for most clients. Encourage your clients with similar concerns to approach working from home as an opportunity to get that treatment they’ve been wanting without having to worry—they’ll have plenty of time to recover at home.

Aesthetics As Self-Care

Understandably, self-care has become a primary concern for a lot of people at the moment. More and more, people are starting to consider aesthetic treatments as a powerful addition to their self-care philosophy. By promoting your body and facial treatments as a way for clients to feel good about themselves, you can encourage them to come in even when times are tough. Focus on the confidence-boosting qualities of a lipolysis treatment, or the healthier skin they’ll get from a facial treatment.

It’s All About Results 

For your clients, the greatest incentive to getting aesthetic treatments is the amazing results they’ll see in the mirror. That’s why you should equip your clinic with the latest in medical aesthetic technology, harnessed by top-of-the-line devices like those made by Venus Concept. We’re as committed to your clinic’s success as you are, offering effective business growth strategies, support, and more. Speak to one of our experts today:

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