Creative Marketing Essentials for Your Aesthetics Clinic

Creative Marketing Essentials for Your Aesthetics Clinic

Aesthetics and customer service should be your strong suits. Marketing campaigns and the creative design aspects that go along with them, on the other hand, can sometimes feel like a whole other business, though they’re an essential piece of any successful business strategy. The treatment results you’re achieving for your patients and word of mouth about those results can only spread so far. However, incorporating professional visual aesthetics in your marketing materials can help to establish a strong brand image that helps you to earn the trust of prospective patients, creating a greater sense of authority, evoking an emotional response, and allowing patients to better visualize how your services may help them to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Establishing an effective and creative visual marketing campaign, whether you’re promoting a new clinic or you’re a well-established business looking for a little branding boost, can be time-consuming and overwhelming, though, especially when you have to answer to all the other demands of your own aesthetics clinic. Here, we round up the benefits of a few marketing essentials that can help you to narrow your focus—plus, they’re all available with a Creative Subscription Plan from 2two5™ (more on that below).

Our Top 6 Creative Marketing Essentials

  1. Wall Art: Posters offer a larger canvas for your clinic to convey key marketing messages, whether it’s announcing a new device, service, or promotion. With a more permanent placement than brochures and attention-grabbing graphics, wall art can make a strong visual impression in a cost-effective format. The larger size also allows for greater design flexibility.

  2. Digital Signage: Used as a banner on your clinic’s website or as advertisements across a variety of locations online, customized digital signage can help to direct prospective patients toward target services or promotions. Using attractive visuals to capture the attention of prospective patients online and streamlined text to quickly deliver your key marketing message, digital signage can act as a little digital calling card and make a strong first impression with the right visuals.

  3. Rack Cards and Holder: Some prospective patients may need a little reminder to contact your clinic at a later date. Whether you’re connecting with walk-ins at your clinic or in-person at an aesthetics or beauty event, handing out rack cards instead of business cards can make a stronger emotional impression when designed with visual impact in mind.

  4. Tabletop Retractable Banner: Retractable banners offer a durable, practical, portable marketing asset you can keep in the office or take on the road with you to trade shows, events, conferences, sponsorship opportunities, and more. These banners roll up into a portable tube that keep things compact and protected. For all of these reasons, a retractable banner is a sound marketing investment and is worth the cost to have it professionally designed, so the graphics, text, and branding are just right, and you can be absolutely certain that your graphics will print out crystal clear.

  5. Giveaway Items: Items like a pad of sticky notes or a magnet offer a functional freebie you can give to prospective patients that can help to keep your clinic top of mind. Magnets stuck to the fridge help patients keep track of your clinic’s contact details and sticky pads increase brand awareness through reuse. Whatever freebie you choose to hand out, ensure key information is included, like your clinic name, number, and website. A custom hashtag could also be a strategic idea to get new followers engaged on social.

  6. Social Media Graphics: A social media presence is a business must-have these days, but posting just any image won’t have the same effect as professional graphics, and certainly won’t stand out in the slew of posts that your prospective patients will scroll through. Your clinic’s social media profiles should be viewed as an extension of your website and in-clinic branding. The messaging should match that found in your waiting room, your website, or your office brochure. It should represent your clinic’s brand and values, and help in building stronger brand awareness online. Avoid the biggest social media mistakes and get a strong start at building an effective social media profile with 2two5™’s Creative Subscription.

Get It All with a Creative Subscription

2two5™ is an advertising agency specializing in leveraging proven digital marketing tactics, pairing them with compelling creative, and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to create a winning marketing strategy for aesthetics clinics. Every one of 2two5™’s capabilities revolves around building a strong patient base in the digital era, and that includes ensuring your brand makes an impression on prospective patients both on- and offline.

More specifically, the Creative Subscription sets individual accounts up with professionally designed marketing basics you need to propel your clinic’s growth, from wall art to magnets to a suite of social media graphics. Our creative is about communicating more than cliché messages; it focuses on drawing prospective patients in with compelling content, then educating them with a purposeful call to action. Offering a range of creative services from design and copywriting to social and digital assets, 2two5™’s Creative Subscription covers all your bases in one affordable package.

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