Cutting-Edge Hair Restoration Technologies for Treating Hair Loss

Cutting-Edge Hair Restoration Technologies for Treating Hair Loss

Hair loss, though common, tends to be more distressing for both men and women than other aesthetic concerns. Because good hair is associated with physical attractiveness, youth, virility, and even job performance, hair loss packs a punch emotionally and aesthetically. Thats why Venus Concept is committed to innovating the best in hair restoration technologies so that you can help your patients get back their full, natural-looking head of hair. With our hair restoration devices, youre not only restoring hair; youre restoring confidence. Read on to learn about the current state of the hair restoration market and the cutting-edge technologies your clinic can leverage to become a leading provider of this increasingly popular procedure.  

Hair Restoration Procedures: Market & Development  

Hair loss is incredibly common, affecting more than 80 million people in the U.S. alone, or approximately 50 million men and 30 million women. For about 25% of American men, the balding process begins in their 20s, and almost 85% will experience noticeable hair loss by their 50s. With an aging population, its no surprise that hair restoration is a growing market that continues to attract a larger customer base each year. Additionally, the average age of patients seeking hair restoration surgery for the first time is getting younger every year, with approximately 45% of first-time patients between 26 and 45 years old. This market is large and complex, but most importantly, it represents a wide range of patients. The total market for hair restoration treatments has increased 16% since 2016 and it is now a $4.9 billion industry. Last year alone, over 700,000 procedures were performed worldwide. 

Traditional transplant procedures, such as manual Follicular Unit Extraction, are invasive, leave a linear scar, and incur significant downtime. Newer technologies give clinicians the advantage by delivering better results faster, with reduced in-clinic costs and training time. A recent census uncovered that providers overwhelmingly favored advanced modalities for hair restoration, such as motorized FUE and the robotically-assisted FUE technique for efficiency and superior patient satisfaction. Bringing Venus Concepts advanced technology to your clinic allows you to perform hair restoration procedures that leave no visible linear scar, are minimally invasive, and enable patients to return to their routine within the week.  

ARTAS iX®: The Intelligent Hair Loss Solution 

ARTAS iX®, the worlds only Robotic Hair Restoration System, sets the new standard for hair transplantation using cutting-edge technologies in robotics, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The device utilizes state-of-the-art robotic and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to deliver natural-looking hair restoration results, offering precision harvesting and implantation functionality in one compact platform. 

The systems advanced technologies intelligently analyze and select grafts from the donor area with no risk of linear scaring using a Multi-Camera Stereoscopic Vision System with 44-micron resolution and 7-axis robot arm that protects existing terminal hair, maintaining a natural appearance in the donor and implantation areas. Enhanced 3D Pre-Operative Planning accurately identifies optimal grafting and recipient sites, enabling physicians to customize each hairline design and manage patient expectations accordingly. The compact and streamlined ergonomic design minimizes the footprint and facilitates clinical efficiency.  

Clinical Advantages 

  • Fully automated for a shorter learning curve and less training time needed  
  • Ergonomic ease-of-use resulting in less operator fatigue 
  • Intelligent grafting and automated site making for fast and efficient procedures 
  • Enhanced for a more comfortable and results-driven experience for the patient   

Patient Benefits  

  • Customized hairline design for natural-looking results 
  • Customized treatment to maximize comfort 
  • Precise, accurate graft harvesting that leaves no detectable scarring 
  • Less downtime and a faster recovery    

NeoGraft®: The Trusted Hair Restoration Solution  

NeoGraft®s revolutionary automated Follicular Unit Extraction eliminates the inefficiencies of manual procedures with advanced technology that enables physicians to offer superior hair transplants with consistent clinical outcomes. NeoGraft®s state-of-the-art technologies include an intuitive touchscreen with graphical user interface, pneumatic motor and smart drive torque technology, and IoT capabilities for comprehensive data collection. 

Clinical Advantages  

  • Automated technology for high-quality grafts and transplantation design  
  • Ergonomic design enables flexible site creation with less operator fatigue 
  • Precise, accurate graft harvesting that is efficient and repeatable  
  • Pressurized implantation process for an optimal patient experience   

Patient Benefits  

  • Individually customized procedure for the most natural-looking hairline 
  • Precision grafting that leaves no detectable scarring 
  • Minimal pain and discomfort with less downtime and a faster recovery 
  • Approved for both men and women with hair loss, thinning, or balding  

Both of our leading devices are supported by VERO Hair™ to ensure you get the training, marketing, and business expertise you need to succeed in the lucrative hair restoration market. To learn more about ARTAS iX® or NeoGraft® and to bring their advanced technology to your clinic, speak to us today.  

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