Give Back to Grow Your Business

Give Back to Grow Your Business

More than anything else, your clinics success depends on its reputation. Building a strong reputation means providing a great customer experience, but it also means being seen as a valuable contributor to society. For that reason, philanthropy has become a major component of doing business, especially if you want to stand out from the competition. Giving back to your local community can make your practice more successful in multiple ways by helping you stand out, build relationships, and strengthen your team. As the holiday season approaches, theres no better time to give back, as more people than ever could benefit from your clinics goodwill. Here are some tips on how to give back and grow your business as a result. 

Benefits of Giving Back for Med Spas 

Giving back to the community can have many benefits, including:  

  • Raising awareness of your brand while contributing to an important cause 
  • Engaging with the local community and potentially tapping into a local customer base
  • Building goodwill in the community where you do business
  • Promoting positive values for your staff and providing opportunities for team-building 
  • Receiving media/press coverage during charity events and drives
  • Showing your clinic in a positive light, both in the community and online 

Great Ideas for Giving Back to Your Community 

Here are a few simple ways to get involved in philanthropic efforts: 

Organize a charity benefit day at your salon or spa. One of the easiest ways to give back is simply to choose a local charity and pledge to donate a percentage of your service fees during the selected day. Promote it on social media to encourage clients to make a booking for that day. You can also collect and match donations made online for those who want to contribute but may not be able to come to the clinic that day. 

Feed the hungry. You can brighten someones day by giving them a good meal. Choose a day when you and your staff can volunteer to help out at a local soup kitchen. Dont worry, you wont have to cook the meals (unless you want to!). You can help out by serving, setting up tables, preparing food, and cleaning up after the meal. Make sure to capture it with a few photos to share on social media, and encourage your followers to donate to the organization to keep the goodwill going.  

Adopt a family. The holidays are approaching, but not everyone can afford to put presents under the tree. Instead of your usual Secret Santa, why not ask your staff to pitch in $15 each and adopt a family in need? You can either make a cash donation or buy presents like clothing and shoes in the appropriate sizes, school supplies or toys and games which can be distributed by your local gift drive.  

Take it online. You can automate giving back on your website by adding a donation button on your homepage for a local organization you want to support. Alternatively, ask each member of your team to choose a cause they believe in and feature donation buttons to each one alongside staff bios, where employees can talk about their favorite charities and why they donate there. 

Host a raffle or giveaway. Conducting an online giveaway is a quick way to make a big impact, both for your marketing and for your chosen charity. Pick a prize, like a treatment or basket of products, and let people enter the draw online or in-clinic with a donation to the charity youve chosen. 

Sponsor a local charity event. Most communities have annual runs or other events that champion causes like helping cancer patients or children in need, and theyre always looking for sponsors. This way, not only can you support a great cause, but your clinics brand will be on all the posters, pamphlets, and marketing material for the event.  

Mentor a student. One way you can make a difference on a more personal scale is to mentor a student in your industry who needs financial assistance. You can either partner with an institution or manage a scholarship through your practice. Either way, this is an incredible way to change someones life for the better.   

Provide free services at a local retirement home. Seniors are often on modest fixed incomes and cant afford aesthetic treatments, or perhaps lack the mobility to make the trip to a clinic. Brighten their day by visiting a local home with some of your team to provide complementary services on-site. Again, this makes for a great photo op to share on social media after!  

Giving back to your community almost always pays off with amazing, unexpected dividends. Were excited to see how you make an impact this holiday season, so make sure to tag us on social media when you step out to make a difference! 

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