How to Support Your Staff’s Mental Well-Being

How to Support Your Staff’s Mental Well-Being

Work and mental health are issues that have been in the spotlight recently, especially in the medical aesthetics industry, where providers work closely with clients. One of the most important assets you have as a clinic owner is your team, who work to ensure the success of your business by providing top-tier service to customers. To that end, it’s essential that your staff’s mental well-being be on your list of priorities. Take good care of your team, and your team will take good care of your patients, so they have a positive customer experience. Read on to learn about key resources and strategies you can use to support the mental health of your staff.  

Mental Health Resources

First and foremost, make mental health resources available to your clinic staff. This could take the form of mental health education, access to free mental health screenings, and providing health insurance that covers therapy and medication for depression or other issues. The CDC has a comprehensive guide to providing these kinds of resources and more to your employees. Something as simple as placing informational pamphlets in the break room shows your team that mental health is a priority for them and you, and that’s already more supportive than leaving the issue unmentioned. 

Practice Positive Reinforcement 

In a fast-paced environment, it’s easy to forget that sometimes it’s the small things that can have the greatest impact. Letting your staff know that they’re doing a good job is essential and makes the difference between a positive work environment and a less positive one. Particularly during high-stress times, like holidays or the rollout of a new service, make a point of praising the hard work your team has put in.    

Schedule Team Retreats 

To build a strong team, you need to go beyond the four walls of an office. People behave differently at work than they do in a recreational setting, and taking your staff on a retreat or team outing will help to forge bonds and boost morale. Choose something fun, and let your employees have a say in what the activity is to make it even more of a team effort. Go to a local attraction, spa, amusement park, or escape room—whatever you think will be enjoyable for all. If a whole day is outside of what’s realistic for you, take everyone out for lunch once a month.   

Have an Open Door Policy 

If one of your team members is struggling, it can make a world of difference to give them an opportunity to talk about it. Let your staff know that, when it comes to workplace stresses and concerns, they are invited to speak to you personally about it. Whether a solution can be found right away or not, just airing the issue can help. If the clinic is busy, try setting aside one or two hours a week when your team can book a chat session, even if it’s over Zoom.     

Take Mental Health Days 

Allowing employees one day a month to book off for wellness, with no questions asked, is becoming increasingly popular at workplaces across the globe. The policy goes a long way to fostering a healthy work-life balance, giving your staff an opportunity to relax, recharge, and spend more time with family, or whatever else they might need to do during periods of stress.   

Optimize Your Workflow 

Reducing stress in the workplace is good for you, your staff, and your clients. Are there areas where your clinic could improve? Often, we get used to doing things a certain way and are slow to change these processes, even when they start to fall short. Maybe you need to automate your billing, reorganize responsibilities, or hire another person. Ask your staff for suggestions—this is a great way to make use of that open door policy—as they’ll have insights you may have overlooked. 

Taking care of your staff pays amazing dividends. If you’re looking for ways to get your team as engaged and invested in your clinic’s success as you are, speak to our Business Development team today. We’re here to help!  

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