Simple Digital Marketing Tips To Bring More Clients To Your Clinic

Simple Digital Marketing Tips To Bring More Clients To Your Clinic

Traditional marketing methods are no longer enough to bring in new patients to med spas and aesthetic clinics these days. If you want your appointment book to be overflowing with bookings, it’s time to get serious about your digital marketing efforts. Email marketing, social media, and your business’s online presence should be working overtime to drive new clients into your clinic. If they aren’t doing that, read on to discover six digital marketing tactics to bring new patients into your practice today.

Convenience Is Key 

The fewer obstacles potential clients face to get from A to B with your clinic, the better. This means making access to your products and services as quick and easy as possible. Ease of access could mean offering online shopping for consumables or a pop-up live chat option on your website to answer customer questions. In terms of getting more bookings, automated appointment booking is great for your clients, and your clinic—it allows you to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and devote that time to patient care instead. Online and mobile booking allows guests to book appointments at your clinic quickly, easily, and with no added steps.

Focus On High-Value Leads 

At some point, most businesses fall under the misconception that advertising their services to the largest number of people possible will result in more sales. While this is partly true, it isn’t the most efficient strategy, and you’ll waste a lot of money and effort if you advertise this way. Businesses are better off focussing on their target demographic. When it comes to aesthetics, this can be a wide range of ages across both genders, and you can narrow down which products and services appeal to what audience by looking at your current sales data or by doing a little research. One oft-overlooked resource for getting more bookings is marketing to your past and current clients. This is done best through email marketing. If someone has signed up for your newsletter or other updates, they already have a high level of interest in what you offer.

Polish Up Your Brand Image 

There are a few ways to make sure your practice stands out from the competition. Brand image is a multi-faceted concept but can be boiled down to how people see your business, and how it makes them feel. If you haven’t updated your web presence with your newest logo, fresh photos, and current information, you should do that right away. Websites and social media profiles start looking outdated quickly, especially to people who are scrolling the internet daily. Moreover, keep in mind that your web presence extends not only to how your business looks but to what it says and does online. Don’t just bombard your followers with posts promoting your services—speak about your clinic’s values. For instance, if you run your practice sustainably or are active in the community, share it! Savvy marketers know that shared values build brand loyalty more than anything else.

Make A Date 

Special events make an impression. Online events are a great way to make your clinic stand out from the competition, and give new and prospective clients a chance to get to know you. There are a number of ways to make online events work for your clinic. You could host formal info sessions, casual Q&A sessions, or interview a satisfied client about the treatment they had on Instagram stories, just to name a few. Make sure to promote the event beforehand for at least a week to give people enough time to put it on their calendar.

Host A Giveaway Or Contest

If you feel like your engagement on social media is lagging, one of the quickest ways to spice things up is by running a contest or giveaway. The key to reaching a larger audience this way is to require sharing as one of the conditions for entry, harnessing the reach of your followers as well as your own. This is also an excellent way to market a new product or service and gets people excited about it so that hopefully those that don’t win the contest will still be moved to book the treatment for themselves. 

Tap Into The Power Of Referrals 

When it comes to taking a chance on a new brand or product, most people tend to put their trust in the opinions of friends and acquaintances. You’ve no doubt experienced this in your own life whenever you find a new restaurant or service through word-of-mouth. Referral programs are a great way to leverage the trust you’ve built with your current clients in order to bring new ones into your med spa or aesthetic practice. This can be as simple as asking your clients to tell their friends, leave a review on Google, or share their experience on social media. You can also incentivize clients to refer your clinic in various ways, for instance by offering discounts for each referral they make. Referral marketing is an excellent way to reach a larger audience and bring new patients into your clinic. 

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