Top 10 Ways To Bring Your Med Spa To 2021

Top 10 Ways To Bring Your Med Spa To 2021

The medical aesthetics industry is constantly changing. New advances in technology, evolving patient demands, and shifting beauty trends mean being an aesthetics practitioner is exciting, but challenging at times. Last year was one of the most challenging years our industry has faced, but we got through it. Now, it’s a new year, which comes with a new opportunity for your business to reach its potential. Here we’ve outlined the top ten ways to bring your med spa to 2021. 

#1. No-Touch Treatments

Even though we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the pandemic, the appeal of contactless treatments is likely here to stay. Heightened awareness of hygiene and safety among clients shows that providing hands-off products and services is a smart move for aesthetic clinics. These generally require less staff operation, the diode laser applicators on the Venus Bliss™ are considered hands-free. The staff only needs to program the settings, strap on the applicators and let them do the work for 15-20 minutes. You can highlight these kinds of treatments to your clients to allay their concerns about contact.

#2. Dynamic Social Media 

Social media networks continue to be one of your most powerful marketing tools. As restrictions due to COVID dwindle, be sure to have an energetic digital campaign strategy to keep your current and potential clients engaged with your business—even when they're not visiting. Jump on to new social media platforms like TikTok, or provide new and compelling content to your established channels via advice, workshops, product recommendations, and great imagery to encourage sharing. If social media doesn’t come naturally to you, consider enlisting expert help, such as that offered by Venus Concept’s practice enhancement program

#3. Customized Care

Going forward, clients will no longer be satisfied with a one-size-fits-all approach, and that goes for aesthetic treatment as well. Providing treatments and services that are tailor-made for the individual is vital for your clinic to compete in the growing aesthetic marketplace. Customizable treatments, like Venus Concept’s Venus Glow™ with serums, are an excellent way to offer your clients more. Venus Glow™ facial renewal treatments enhanced with Glow Serums provide patients with superior cleansing and dermal renewal combined with innovative serum delivery technology designed to address their unique skin concerns. 

#4. Subscription Models 

Subscription and membership models are an ideal way for businesses to create recurring revenue, and they can be a boon to customers as well. Marketed as a way for clients to commit to self-care, membership-based offerings continue to do well in the aesthetic clinic industry. These can be designed as basic monthly packages, or as access to higher-level care, perhaps with the added bonus of products for home use. Whatever works for your clinic offerings while also giving value to your customers.  

#5. Highlight Inclusivity

The expectation that all skin types are treated equally has become mainstream in the aesthetic industry. However, not all device technologies live up to these expectations. It’s time to do a careful audit of your products and services to make sure that your clinic offerings are safe for all skin types, and that you have a spectrum of services to offer those with darker skin. Luckily, many of the latest advancements in aesthetic devices ensure that treatments can be performed on all shades of skin, including those made by Venus Concept such as Venus Velocity™, Venus Epileve™, Venus Viva™ MD, and Venus Bliss™. 

#6. Contactless Booking

Any way you can automate your workflow is good for your clinic. It allows you to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, and devote that time to patient care instead. There are numerous options for aesthetic clinics to automate aspects of their business, with one of the easiest being contactless booking. Online and mobile booking allows guests to books their own appointments for services at your clinic. The ability to do this allows your clients to feel in control over their schedule, and many have come to expect online booking to be available. 

#7. Virtual Services

One result of 2020 is that many services went digital. Now, people expect the convenience of being able to visit showrooms, try on glasses, and take classes online. Virtual services have spread over the health and wellness landscape at an astonishing rate. One easy way for your clinic offerings to go digital is through virtual consultations. This year, as some people are still hesitant to venture outside of their homes but are still looking for ways to improve their appearance, online aesthetic consultations will generate additional income to support your in-clinic efforts. Additionally, people who are still on the fence about having an actual treatment are more likely to book a consultation, especially if it doesn’t require a visit to a physical clinic. 

#8. Combination Treatments

Like in every other facet of life, patients now expect to get more bang for their buck by combining aesthetic treatments for the best results. Staying true to the maxim that time is money, they also want to combine treatments to get the maximum benefits from their aesthetic visits in the least amount of time. Treatments that can be done over a lunch break, or on the way home from work, will be in higher demand than those that take hours. For that reason, multi-application devices like Venus Versa™, and treatments that combine modalities like TriBella™, are going to be essential to your clinic offerings in 2021. 

#9. Cutting-Edge Technology

For the best return on investment, focus on replacing outmoded technologies with devices that meet the most in-demand patient concerns, such as hair removal. Offering the latest in laser hair removal equipment could help your practice attract patients who are seeking this treatment, which more than one million people did in 2019. Venus Concept’s hair removal devices, Venus Velocity™ and Venus Epileve™, use diode laser technology for treatments that are fast, comfortable, and safe for all skin types. 

#10. Behind-The-Scenes Business Support

Venus Concept’s Practice Enhancement Managers are a team of business experts who specialize in helping clinics market their services and improve their efficiency on all levels. Using industry trends and best practices, they will work with you one-on-one to help develop customized solutions that are tailored to your clinic’s needs. Benefits include in-clinic training for staff, marketing services, financial planning, and other robust business strategy services. As the market leader in advanced medical aesthetic devices, Venus Concept has your clinic’s success foremost in mind. Contact one of our experts about how we can unlock your clinic’s potential today. 

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