Top Things Patients Look For When Choosing A Practice

Top Things Patients Look For When Choosing A Practice

Competition in the medical aesthetics field can be intense. To succeed in an increasingly competitive industry, you have to do more than simply offer aesthetics procedures. Take an extra step and put yourself in your patients’ shoes. Consider questions such as, what are they looking for when comparing practices? How can you cater to current clients in a way that ensures they return for repeat treatments and recommend you to others? Here are six strategies you can implement to exceed patient expectations: 

Provide Complimentary Consultations 

People are often nervous the first time they visit an aesthetician’s office. A complimentary consultation could help you create a rapport with new patients while educating them about the services you offer. The purpose of this meeting is not to sell the client immediately, but to make them comfortable and willing to take the next step. Focus on getting to know these potential patients, learning more about their goals, and building trust.

Offer the Latest in Safety and Effectiveness

Rather than understanding the technology behind the devices that provide treatments, patients typically are more interested in results, the cost of procedures, and the comfort level involved. To stay competitive, however, you may want to offer the latest medical aesthetic equipment with innovative capabilities that make treatments effective and safe. Emphasize the unique features of your machines, as well as how the design and function can benefit patients.

Highlight Your Training and Expertise 

Many patients want to know that they will be treated by qualified, experienced medical professionals. Make sure that your credentials and those of your staff are easily accessible online for potential clients to review. Mention any special training and certifications that you have obtained that could help set you apart from other practices. 

Post “Before” and “After” Pictures

People want to see the results for themselves, so take plenty of before-and-after pictures of patients — with their permission. You could share these on social media or on your clinic’s website; group them by treatment type to make it easy for those who are interested to review the types of procedures you perform and the potential effects.

Share Patient Reviews

Many people read online reviews of various practices before choosing one. Consider implementing a process to collect this type of feedback from patients. Try to reply to all comments, including and especially negative ones. Making a reasonable effort to please clients who were dissatisfied with their initial treatments could lessen the impact of a critical review. 

Create a Welcoming Environment 

Finally, don’t overlook the “feel” of your practice. Is your office professional, yet welcoming? Do you create an environment where people feel comfortable and supported? Does your staff establish rapport with patients and make them feel appreciated? Patients often look for practices where they feel at home — and they are more likely to return and recommend it to others when they do

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