Top Treatments for Patients at Every Age

Top Treatments for Patients at Every Age

All aesthetic providers know that repeat clients are a strong driver of practice economics, but understanding the lifetime value of your patients can change how you approach building a prosperous practice.Patient lifetime value is an estimate of how much revenue and profit a patient will represent to your practice over the total length of that relationship. This includes the treatments they receive as well as referrals they bring to you. Ideally a woman who first comes in her late 20s for neuromodulators will return in her 30s, 40s, and 50s for other treatments as well as recommend you to her friends. 

The return on investment from this multi-decade relationship is high, especially in light of the cost of new patient acquisition, which can be substantial. To build these relationships and achieve high patient lifetime value, your practice must anticipate the priorities of consumers at each life stage. Be prepared to recommend procedures suited to their unique needs by age range and establish a treatment plan that anticipates the aging process in the years ahead.

Doing so deepens the patient relationship and gives the client a good reason to keep coming back to your practice. Venus Concept, with clinic partners in more than 60 countries, has been at the forefront of advances in non-invasive treatments. While many procedures are effective for patients in multiple age groups, this report highlights the top treatments by decade to give you a starting point for every client in your practice.  

Download our report today so that you are aware of the top treatments for patients at every age in order to maximize the patient lifetime value and build a more profitable practice.



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