VERO Hair™: A Full-Service Hair Restoration Solution

VERO Hair™: A Full-Service Hair Restoration Solution

According to a new member survey announced by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the demand for both medical and surgical treatments to address hair loss is growing. In fact, the number of people who had medical procedures for hair loss increased by 13% between 2016 and 2019. More than 680,000 patients chose surgical options, up 14% from 2016, while more than 1,400,000 patients opted for non-surgical care.

Both adult men and women are looking for hair restoration treatments. The ISHRS found that the number of patients jumped by 157% from 2008 to 2019. While these numbers represent an exciting opportunity for your medical aesthetics practice, choosing the right equipment can help you make the most of it.

What Makes Vero Hair™ Unique

VERO Hair™ is a full-service, comprehensive solution that can help you grow your hair restoration business while delivering natural-looking results for your patients. It combines automated and advanced robotic FUE technologies with extensive post-sales support tools, including clinical training, marketing and business development programs.

VERO Hair™ offers the latest in technology, giving you a competitive edge. With a portfolio of robotic and automated FUE hair restoration systems, you can perform the most advanced, in-demand procedures using one machine. Both systems delivers superior clinical efficacy and high patient satisfaction, with an average Real Self score of 95% or above. 

VERO Hair™ includes:

  • Robotic ARTAS®, the world’s first intelligent hair restoration platform
  • Automated NeoGraft®, the trusted hair restoration solution
  • Post-sale support, including clinical training, marketing tools, and business development

Robotic ARTAS®

The ARTAS iX™ robotic hair restoration system utilizes state-of-the-art robotic and artificial intelligence technology for precise, accurate and repeatable results. The advanced seven-axis robotic arm works with multiple cameras and a stereoscopic vision system to analyze the donor area and harvest appropriate grafts without causing linear scarring. The ARTAS iX™ robot can also identify optimal recipient sites while implanting each graft at the same time. This helps produce natural-looking results in both the donor and recipient areas.

Automated NeoGraft®

NeoGraft® developed one of the first automated FUE systems, designed to make it easier for doctors to provide the latest hair restoration procedures. The NeoGraft® hair restoration system is used to harvest, prepare sites, and place grafts without the need for manual extraction or implantation. It’s automated capabilities ultimately makes treatments safer for the patient and more efficient for the physician.

Marketing and Business Development

In addition to our cutting-edge technology with ARTAS® and NeoGraft®, VERO Hair™ is committed to helping you establish a brand, boost demand for hair restoration procedures, and attract patients to your practice. 

Our comprehensive VERO Hair™ program includes clinical training, patient education materials, marketing assets, and a listing in our Clinic Finder. You also gain access to a variety of in-person and online business development programs to help you manage and grow your medical aesthetics practice.

VERO Hair™: Combining Technology and Expertise

The demand for modern hair restoration treatments is continuing to increase. Opting for VERO Hair™ lets you capitalize on this opportunity and provide patients with effective, natural-looking results. If you are interested in learning more about how VERO Hair™ can complement your clinic’s current offerings, contact us today. 

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