Webinar Recording: NeoGraft® - Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Market Opportunity

[Webinar Recording] NeoGraft® - Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Market Opportunity

It is evident that the hair restoration market has grown significantly over the recent years as more patients explore solutions to deal with hair loss. Projections show that the global hair transplant market share is expected to surpass USD $24.8 billion by 2024. Discover a few more reasons why your practice should invest in hair restoration solutions to meet this growing demand.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure has established itself as an efficient and effective method for hair restoration over the years. Systems like our NeoGraft® device are great tools to help aid the transition of your practice into hair restoration. To better understand the value that NeoGraft® can bring to businesses who are looking to expand their services, we’ve turned to Dr. Richard Chaffoo, triple board-certified plastic surgeon of La Jolla Plastic Surgery, to share his experience and expertise about the comprehensive benefits of owning and operating a NeoGraft® device. The recording of the live webinar is available below:

NeoGraft® FUE Hair Restoration

Being one of the first automated FUE systems in the market, NeoGraft®’s pneumatic motor delivers precise pressures for standardized extraction and implantation. The inefficiencies of manual tools and procedures are eliminated by the system while offering more consistent outcomes for the patient. The procedure is minimally invasive, does not leave linear scarring, and delivers high patient satisfaction.

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