How to Create and Launch Webinars

How to Create and Launch Webinars

How robust is your current online marketing program? Optimizing the website, maintaining directory listings and running promotions on social media are all effective ways to build your medical aesthetics practice. Another option you may not have considered is offering webinars. 

A webinar, or web seminar, is a lecture, workshop or video presentation that is hosted online and broadcast through specific software. Companies use webinars to share information about certain products and services, to train staff and to establish themselves as leaders in their industries. Med spas can utilize webinars to build relationships with potential customers, inform patients about their treatments and position themselves as authorities in a crowded market.

Not sure how to create webinars? Don’t worry—it’s easier than you might think. Read on for a closer look at the process.

How to Make a Webinar in Seven Simple Steps

  1. Consider your purpose and choose a topic. Identifying the reason for a webinar is the first step. Do you want to attract new patients or upsell current clients? These videos can be very versatile. You could educate people about a health topic, compare and contrast treatment options or demonstrate a procedure on camera using some of the innovative equipment at your med spa. Choose a topic that patients have expressed interest in, such as reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  2. Decide on the format. Will you have a doctor on camera, or use a slideshow? Perhaps consider a live interview, as it could give potential patients the opportunity to “meet” a practitioner. Regardless of the format, you’ll want to make a text chat option available to the audience so they can ask questions. While the length varies, most webinars are between 30 and 60 minutes.
  3. Pick your platform. There are plenty of options when it comes to producing webinars, including Decide on the software that will work best for you and the marketing budget.
  4. Create your content. You don’t have to write a complete script, but creating a general outline is a good idea. Do a couple of trial runs before the day of the webinar (or before you record, if it won’t be broadcast live).
  5. Let people know about the webinar; email and social media work well for this purpose. Include sign-up directions, and make sure to post the date, time and time zone (e.g., 12:00 p.m. EST) as some participants may be in different regions.
  6. Relax! Once your computer is set up, welcome the audience and tell them what they can expect to learn during the webinar. Have a staff member monitor any incoming texts and suggest questions to answer on camera. Relax and be yourself—once you get started, it will get easier.
  7. Remember to thank your audience and follow up with them. Send an email to all participants, thanking them for their time and asking if they have any more questions. Include a link to the webinar in case they want to view it again, and encourage them to share it with others. You may also want to offer a discount on treatment or other incentive—people who have taken the time to view a webinar are likely interested in your services. 

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