4 Essential Tips for a Successful Fall Medical Aesthetics Marketing Campaign

4 Essential Tips for a Successful Fall Medical Aesthetics Marketing Campaign

As summer socials wind down and past and prospective patients make their way back to their regular schedules, consumers are now starting to look to accomplish all those items they put on hold during the warmer months. Aesthetic goals are high on that list with the end of the year looming and the upcoming holiday season being the next big event on consumers’ minds. This general shift in motivation and focus is the ideal time to promote your services and help your patients commit to a custom treatment plan that will deliver outstanding visible results in time for the year’s end. 

For best success, follow our top fall marketing tips to get your medical aesthetics business on track this season and avoid any lulls in your clinic’s schedule.

Dust Off Your Email List 

Does your clinic have an updated email list that’s been neglected? Now is the perfect time to pop into subscribers’ inboxes with an e-blast announcing your clinic’s fall promotions while encouraging patients to prioritize their aesthetic goals this season. In this e-blast, consider promoting a more fitting post-summer treatment, such as a photorejuvenation treatment series and accompanying skin care regimen, to tap into the aesthetic concerns that may be top of mind for patients around this time of year. Alternatively, consider offering a promotion or discount for patients who book a consultation during a defined period. This will help to encourage patients to use their free time this season to take that first step toward a slimmer silhouette, smoother skin, or a younger-looking appearance—whatever is top of mind for them as the holidays approach.

Keep Spreading the Word

Email can be an effective marketing strategy, but it’s important to avoid the “send it and forget it” mentality. Not all prospective patients will be sifting through emails, waiting for yours to come in. In fact, your ideal patients may not even be on your email list at this time. The best way to spread the word is to filter through your marketing efforts and determine which platforms and methods best support your clinic’s growth while bringing in the right type of patients for your brand. Don’t spread your efforts too thin, though. Keep your marketing focused on about three initiatives (digital and/or print), such as email, social media, and online ads for younger clientele. This allows for prospective patients to hear about your fall promotions whether they’re on your email list, searching for options on social media, or running a Google search for an aesthetic treatment provider near them (consider Google My Business for improved success in online searches).

Keep It Cohesive but Avoid Boring

While it’s best to have a campaign that matches across platforms, your promotional materials will easily be overlooked by patients if they see the exact same graphics and text too often. Instead of creating one promotional graphic that’s used everywhere, consider instead creating a slogan or two, selecting a color and font palette, and pulling a few select images that match your clinic’s branding strategy. Create a template for your designs to streamline the process, then design variations using your color palette, fonts, and images for graphics that are cohesive but still different. This will, of course, get pricey in print, so it’s best to opt for just one or two versions for flyers, posters, or brochures. 

Opt for a Quick Start 

Sometimes the to-do list can run long and marketing campaigns can be delayed or forgotten. Unfortunately, being midway through September already, time is of the essence. At this point, designing your fall campaign graphics should be a priority. If staff are unable to take on the task, hiring a freelancer may be an option, but be prepared to pay a premium for a rush order.

Luckily for our Venus Concept partners, we have you covered. Get a quick start to the season with our customizable fall campaign marketing assets that speak effectively to your patients. All of our marketing materials can be altered to fit your clinic’s advertising needs, whether those are digital or print. Simply log in to your My Account platform today to begin customizing your new fall aesthetics marketing campaign.

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