5 Benefits of Bringing ARTAS iX To Your Clinic

5 Benefits of Bringing ARTAS iX To Your Clinic

Last year, a record-breaking number of ARTAS iX hair restoration procedures were performed, proving that there’s never been a better time to offer hair restoration at your clinic. Hair transplantation popularity is on the rise. The industry has increased 16% since 2016 to become a $5 billion market, with over 700,000 procedures performed globally in 2020 alone. As technology improves and surgical methods continue to get better, more men and women are turning to hair restoration as a solution for their hair loss. If hair restoration isn’t something you already offer, or if you’re interested in ramping up your clinic’s ROI on this lucrative procedure, here are the top reasons you should consider ARTAS.

ARTAS iX Hair Restoration Treatments

First of all, here’s a primer on how ARTAS iX differs from other hair restoration devices on the market.

The ARTAS iX hair restoration device replaces the old method of manual Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with Automated FUE. Like manual FUE, ARTAS iX extracts individual hair follicles from the back or sides of the head using a specialized device and then implants them in the area where more hair growth is desired. However, with the advancement of automated technology, the transplants can be done with better speed and precision, for a more natural-looking result. Additionally, ARTAS iX is enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to design the ideal extraction and placement of the hair follicles. The innovative system leverages state-of-the-art technology to enable accurate and efficient harvesting, recipient site-making, and implantation functionality in one device, using image-guided robotics for precise and repeatable follicular unit dissection.

There are several reasons this technological advancement is fast replacing the outdated manual FUE method. An automated FUE hair transplant can be done in the same amount of time as a hair transplant using the FUT method, reducing the cost of FUE hair restoration. In addition, our devices use robotics with pneumatic pressure to both extract and reinsert the follicles. This eliminates the need for handling the grafts with forceps. In the hands of an experienced technician, the risk of damage to the transplant area is very low, and uptake of transplanted follicles is very high. The procedure is minimally invasive, less painful, leaves no linear scarring, and requires very little in terms of recovery or aftercare. The newly implanted hair follicles continue the natural hair growth cycle and results improve each week, with full realization at 9-12 months post-procedure.

Top 5 Reasons ARTAS iX Is The Hair Restoration Device For Your Clinic

  1. Automated For Precision And Repeatability

Automated Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the best developments in the hair replacement field in recent years. Venus Concept’s ARTAS iX takes it one step further, utilizing integrated AI technology for optimal follicular transplantation executed by the device’s seven-axis KUKA robot arm. A high-definition stereoscopic vision system with 44-micron resolution and image-guided robotic alignment technology accurately and precisely harvest each follicular unit at the optimal angle. Combined, these automated innovations deliver repeatable results that can’t be beaten.

  1. State-Of-The-Art AI Technology

During an ARTAS iX treatment, Artificial Intelligence software analyzes and selects appropriate grafts from the donor area accurately, and then identifies and develops optimal recipient sites while simultaneously implanting each harvested graft. At the same time, the device protects the patient’s existing terminal hair, thereby achieving a more natural appearance in both the donor site and the recipient area.

  1. Robust Media Presence

Running the digital media marketing for every service and product you offer at your clinic can be time-consuming, complicated, and expensive. With ARTAS iX, much of the heavy lifting has already been done for you. Because we’re continually positioning our devices as the best in the industry via our vast web presence, promotions, and social media, they already have excellent brand recognition. Your clinic can leverage that recognition to its own benefit by offering clients technology that they already know, respect, and trust.

  1. Cool Factor

Unfortunately, many clients are still concerned about the stigma of baldness and undergoing hair restoration treatments. By augmenting the experience with robotics and a futuristic AI program, we hope to change that. In addition, the sleek and compact design of the device itself makes for a statement in any clinic setting. It just looks cool, and that shouldn’t be underestimated. 

  1. Our Support 

All of our cutting-edge medical aesthetic devices are backed by Venus Concept’s scientific research and thorough clinical trials. We stand by them, and we want your clinic to succeed as much as you do. We’re here to support your practice through our business enhancement program, our easy-entry subscription plans, and a wealth of expertise in marketing and growing aesthetic businesses. First and foremost, our competitive pricing model excludes hidden fees or pay-per-use gimmicks, allowing you to get the best return on your investment—and to pass those savings onto your clients.

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