How Having Both ARTAS® iX and NeoGraft® Can Benefit Your Clinic

How Having Both ARTAS® iX and NeoGraft® Can Benefit Your Clinic

Offering the best hair restoration technology at your clinic is an important first step to taking part in this exciting $4.9 billion industry. Hair restoration is a growing market that continues to attract a larger customer base each year, and competition among aesthetic practices is keeping pace. It’s never been more important to keep abreast of the latest in technology, consumer trends, and procedural methods if you want to stay ahead. The latest scientific advances in hair restoration have made this popular procedure better, more versatile, and more lucrative for treatment providers. Venus Concept’s two state-of-the-art devices, NeoGraft® and ARTAS® iX, have different modes of utility which make them ideal for appealing to a broad client base. Together, they can establish your clinic as a center of hair restoration success. Read on to learn more about the technology that makes these two devices work in tandem to deliver excellent hair restoration results across the board.

 Why Two Devices Are Better Than One 

A review of the current hair restoration market data gives an overview of how diverse the customer base for this procedure is. Last year, the majority of hair transplant procedures targeted the scalp area. This accounted for 85% of procedures performed on men, and 82% of those for women. These are considered high volume cases, since hair restoration on the scalp area tends to require a higher number of individual grafts. ARTAS® iX, which uses robotic FUE enhanced by Artificial Intelligence design, is best at handling these high volume cases, maximizing each follicle transplantation for natural-looking results and repeatability.  

Automated FUE with NeoGraft is ideal for:

  • Female clients
  • Lower volume cases
  • Curly Hair
  • Light and blond hair
  • Specific areas of the scalp such as temples, widow’s peak
  • Post-face lift hairline fine-tuning

Robotic FUE with ARTAS iX™ is ideal for:

  • Male clients
  • High volume cases
  • Assisted grafting with AI and robotic systems
  • Faster and higher yield procedures
  • Attracting clients who want the latest in cutting edge technology
  • Increased precision, efficiency, and repeatability

Hair Restoration With ARTAS iX & NeoGraft®

With a record number of ARTAS® iX procedures performed last year, there’s no denying the popularity of this state-of-the-art hair restoration device. Every year, more providers turn to the superiority of automated FUE, the robotically-assisted FUE technique, and particularly FUE devices augmented with advanced technology.

ARTAS® iX makes hair restoration procedures swift and seamless, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to design the ideal extraction and placement of the hair follicles. The device’s precision and speed work to protect existing hair and maintains a natural appearance for the newly implanted hair. The innovative system leverages state-of-the-art technology to enable accurate and efficient harvesting, recipient site-making, and implantation functionality in one device, using image-guided robotics for precise and repeatable follicular unit dissection.

With NeoGraft®, the automated system supplants the need for linear grafts by extracting individual hair follicles. The highly specialized pneumatic arm then implants them in the area where more hair growth is desired. The newly implanted hair follicles continue the natural hair growth cycle and results improve each week, with full realization at 9-12 months post-procedure. In both cases, the procedure is minimally invasive, less painful, leaves no linear scarring, and requires very little in terms of recovery or aftercare.

With both devices, we offer full clinic support with VERO Hair™,  a comprehensive solution for growing your hair restoration business. It includes both our automated and advanced robotic FUE technologies as well as extensive post-sales support tools, including clinical training, marketing, and business development programs, giving you the competitive edge in the expanding hair restoration market. Speak to one of our experts today to see how we can support your success.

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