5 Ways to Improve Satisfaction In Your Body Contouring Patients

5 Ways to Improve Satisfaction In Your Body Contouring Patients

Body contouring is a category of medical aesthetic treatments that includes non-invasive lipolysis, circumferential reduction, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening. Patients who seek out body contouring are typically looking to achieve a slimmer, smoother, more toned appearance. They may opt for body treatments on their own, or as part of their fitness plan or weight loss journey that includes other aspects, such as diet or exercise, and they’re frequently sought after by post-bariatric surgery patients as well. Venus Concept has created two highly advanced non-invasive medical devices that offer body contouring treatments safely, effectively, with the least amount of downtime for your patients, and the highest return on investment for your clinic: Venus Bliss™ and Venus Legacy™.

There’s no question that the popularity of non-surgical body treatments is on the rise. Over 9.3 million body shaping & skin tightening procedures were performed in 2018 and by 2023, this number is estimated to grow by 30%. Selecting state-of-the-art device technology to enhance your practice is the first step to taking advantage of this growing trend and ensuring patient satisfaction. However, the journey doesn’t stop there. Body contouring patient satisfaction also means being able to field frequently asked questions, managing patient expectations, and knowing your technology. In this article, we’ll be focusing on managing patient expectations.

Managing Body Contouring Patient Expectations

Managing expectations begins with setting the right ones. It’s a process that begins with educating your potential clients about body contouring and continues after they leave your clinic satisfied after a successful first appointment.

Step 1. Education

Education is an important part of the patient journey, as it’s usually the one to start the process. Your website, social media channels, and other marketing materials are excellent platforms for boosting interest and spreading knowledge about body contouring treatments. 

Be upfront about procedure outcomes, and use plain language. There’s no reason to be covert about the science behind body contouring—people will simply google the information for themselves, so it’s best if they receive the correct info from you first. Potential clients who are interesting in body contouring will be more likely to choose a clinic that they can trust.

Step 2. The Screening Process

As with any procedure, non-invasive lipolysis may not be right for every patient seeking its benefits. During the initial consultation with a potential client, clinicians should focus on assessing each individual’s needs and their potential candidacy for the treatment. This is an important step to make sure you can offer the safe, effective results they want without risking their dissatisfaction. Both Venus Bliss™ and Venus Legacy™ are designed to deliver results, safely, to the broadest possible client base by being safe to use on all skin types and allowing clinicians to control the intensity of the treatments.

Step 3. Discussing Expectations

The difference between a satisfied client and a dissatisfied client after a body contouring treatment is dependent on the expectations they had entering your clinic. When results fall short of expectations; this is where dissatisfaction creeps in. That makes it your responsibility to manage patient expectations from the start, and this can be done through simple discussion. Ask them how they expect to look and feel after a single treatment, or after several treatments if that is part of their treatment plan, to determine if their expectations are reasonable. Then, adjust accordingly by explaining the results that can be achieved. Above all, be forthcoming about all aspects of the aesthetic treatment your client has chosen to undertake. They should know what to expect in terms of cost, results, required downtime, and the experience of having the treatment itself. That way, when everything goes better than planned, they will leave your clinic more than satisfied. 

Step 4. Customizing A Treatment Plan

Especially when it comes to body contouring, the patient treatment plan should be customized to each individual’s needs, goals, and expectations. Knowing that you have their needs as top priority ensures their trust in you will continue from treatment to treatment. Body contouring can be a long journey, and it’s important to provide patients with the goalposts that show them their aesthetic dreams are being realized. For both parties, a treatment plan is a way to provide structure to the clinic-patient relationship, a foundation for a lifetime of satisfaction in how they feel about their appearance.

Step 5. Follow-Up And Review

Following up is like the follow-through essential to a great golf swing; you can’t score a hole in one without it. The right follow-up after body contouring treatments is key to patient satisfaction. Following up with a phone call or email demonstrates your care for your client’s well-being and is always appreciated. If you book a follow-up appointment, use it as an opportunity to discuss maintenance, as body contouring treatments may require regular top-ups to maintain results over time.

Venus Concept Body Contouring Devices

Venus Bliss™ and Venus Legacy™ are the two leading body contouring devices offered by Venus Concept.

Backed by clinically validated effectiveness in fat reduction, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and circumference reduction, Venus Bliss is a comprehensive non-invasive lipolysis solution that delivers powerful results through its 1064 nm diode laser applicators. With the increasing demand for non-invasive fat reduction treatments, Venus Bliss™ helps you to grow your practice by offering patients the most innovative technology that is clinically proven to meet their aesthetic needs.

Venus Legacy™ is our multi-purpose cellulite reduction machine that also addresses common aesthetic concerns such as non-surgical circumferential reduction, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction. Like Venus Bliss™, it’s powered by proprietary (MP)2 technology (a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) and features cutting-edge VariPulse™ technology. Also, with Venus Legacy™ you can augment your clinic offerings with the popular Trim & Tite™ package, a complimentary follow-up to fat reduction treatments. Trim & Tite™ is a new and effective skin tightening solution that works to ensure patients see superior clinical results after completing a fat reduction treatment or weight loss program. In addition to tightening skin, Trim & Tite™ also further slims body circumference and smoothens out remaining focal fat demarcations.

To learn more about either of our exceptional body contouring devices, reach out to speak to one of our in-house experts today.

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