Device Spotlight: What Venus Bliss™ Can Bring to Your Practice 

Device Spotlight: What Venus Bliss™ Can Bring to Your Practice 

It should come as no surprise that fat reduction treatments are the most popular non-invasive body treatment in aesthetics. As many as 86% of people are bothered by excess weight on their body, and theyre looking for a solution that can deliver the results they want without the pain, high cost, and downtime typically associated with surgery. The answer? Venus Bliss. Adding non-invasive lipolysis to your clinic offerings with Venus Bliss is a sure way to tap into the lucrative market of fat reduction treatments.   

Non-Invasive Lipolysis: Market Overview 

Non-invasive body contouring is the fastest-growing area of cosmetic dermatology today. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the number of non-invasive fat reduction procedures performed tripled between 2012 to 2017, and this growth shows no sign of slowing. The global non-invasive fat reduction market is expected to expand at a rate of over 15% and be valued at $2.5 billion by 2025. 

Why Venus Bliss Is the Best Choice for Patients 

Results. In terms of results, Venus Bliss delivers. One study showed a 24% reduction in fat volume when treating the abdomen and flanks, two stubborn areas for fat retention that are a top priority for patients. Most importantly, patients report treatment satisfaction of more than 90%, and only mild side effects such as slight soreness and minor swelling are seen1. 

Safety. The treatment is completely non-invasive, which means the use of this laser lipolysis device avoids complications that often arise, or with invasive procedures such as liposuction. Like all our patented technologies, it is safe for all skin types. 

Comfort. With all aesthetic treatments, weve seen that comfort is an important factor to patients when considering trying a new treatment. Venus Bliss ensures a comfortable experience with its contact cooling system, which regulates temperature and prevents damage to the surface of the skin. 

No Downtime. Fat reduction treatments with Venus Bliss require no downtime whatsoever. Only lasting 15-30 minutes, the sessions are convenient, quick, and allow patients to return to their regular daily activities immediately.  

Venus Bliss: Device Technology That Works 

Venus Bliss fat reduction treatments are powered by the latest in diode laser technology, which works by heating the adipose tissue layer to induce lipolysis and start apoptotic processes. (MP)2 applicators emit a 1064 nm wavelength, which effectively passes through the skin and is absorbed by the adipose tissue layer where it heats the fat cells. The targeted fat cells release stored triglycerides, causing some to shrink and others to destruct completely. Leftover cellular debris is processed out by the body through the lymphatic system. Here is an in-depth look at the core technologies powering the device:   


  • 4 diode laser applicators that can be activated individually and placed in various configurations on a belt 
  • Treatment area of each diode laser applicator measures36 cm2, versus the competitors 24 cm2 spot size 
  • With 1064 nm wavelength and skin-contact cooling mechanism, laser energy is capable ofsafely and effectively penetrating into hypodermis to affect adipose tissue without harming skins surface 


  • Powered by Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF), with VariPulse technology 
  • Tightens skin* and reduces circumference*, giving the body a more contoured appearance 
  • Also reduces cellulite for smoother, firmer looking buttocks and thighs 
  • Dual multi-polar electrode crown design and unique array of electrodes allows forfast and efficient treatment of large areas 
  • Delivers significant depth of impact of up to 4.5 cm for greater effect on fat 


  • Adjustable pulsed suction integrated in (MP)2 applicator to facilitate deep effect on tissue 
  • Enhances penetration and effects of RF energy by improving contact surface between electrodes and tissue 
  • Increases blood flow and enhances lymphatic drainage 
  • Enables operator to reach and maintain therapeutically effective temperature fast, while maintaining patient comfort 

Why Venus Bliss Is the Best Choice for Your Clinic

Venus Concept is known for our easy-to-use, non-invasive technologies that serve customers in a safe and effective manner. Our innovative products help you reach a wider patient base all while providing services that are in line with the needs of the modern aesthetic customer. Backed by clinically validatedeffectiveness, Venus Bliss is a comprehensive solution that allows you to deliver results for your patients and with no per-treatment usage fees for you as the provider. With the increasing demand for non-invasive fat reduction treatments, Venus Bliss offers a high ROI and helps you to grow your practice by offering patients the most innovative technology that is clinically proven to meet their aesthetic needs. 

To bring this state-of-the-art aesthetic device to your practice, speak to one of our experts today.  


*The (MP)2 applicator is licensed by Health Canada and CE marked for temporary increase of skin tightening, temporary circumferential reduction, and temporary cellulite reduction.


1. Mikaela Kislevitz, MD, BSN, RN, Christine Wamsley, BA, Alison Kang, MD, Suzanne Kilmer, MD, John Hoopman, CMLSO, Jennifer Barillas, BS, Jeffrey M Kenkel, MD, Clinical Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of a 1060-nm Diode Laser for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction of the Abdomen, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 41, Issue 10, October 2021, Pages 1155–1165,

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