How to Get Your Clinic Ready for the Upcoming Holiday Season Rush 

How to Get Your Clinic Ready for the Upcoming Holiday Season Rush 

Most people want to look their best over the holidays, or they have some time off with which to pursue their aesthetic goals, making it a popular time for aesthetic treatments. For your clinic, the coming weeks offer ample opportunity for you to close the year strong and make record salesas long as you play your cards right. Heres how your med spa can make the most of the upcoming holiday season rush.  

Its the Giving Season 

Your clinic can hone in on the giving spirit in a few different ways. First, this is the time of year to position your treatments as great gifts for those tricky people to buy for that seem to have everythingwe all have one of those on our lists. Theres a treatment for every need and budget, or, to make it even easier, gift certificates are a great option. Another way to show your generosity is by gifting your longest or most loyal clientele with a gift card or free treatment to show your appreciationand awaken their sense of reciprocity. Finally, dont forget to get your staff something! Not only is it the right thing to do, but happy clinic staff goes a long way to making the customer experience more enjoyable.  

Ramp Up Your Holiday Marketing Campaign 

The holidays are a popular time for aesthetic treatments, and you can be sure your competition knows that. To avoid being overlooked, consider doing some paid marketing campaigns leading up to the season. Paid advertising offers the best ROI if you focus on local, so try a paid social media campaign with targeted location settings, and do the same for your paid search ads online. Additionally, start adding some festive flair to your posts with gift lists, your favorite egg nog recipe, or creative holiday decor suggestions.    

Offer the Hottest Seasonal Treatments 

While all aesthetic options continue to be popular throughout the holidays, its clear that body and face treatments take precedent. You may want to focus more on these as you plan out your seasonal advertising, focusing on fat reduction, body slimming, and skin tightening for the body, and skin resurfacing, photorejuvenation, and anti-aging treatments for the face. As always, the best marketing for these types of treatments is delivering the best results with the least amount of discomfort or downtimewhich is precisely what Venus Concept devices are designed to do.  

Spruce Up Your Retail Display 

This is one way to capitalize on the holiday spending mood and to help your clients out with their seasonal shopping. Luxury skin care makes for an excellent gift, but you may also consider adding more items to your shelves this time of year, like scented candles, spa accessories, and more. Draw attention to your retail products by decorating your shelves for the season, since your regular clients might be used to glossing over whats on offer.   

Take It Into Next Year  

January and February tend to be some of the slowest sales months for any business, but you can counter the trend by using the holidays to secure customer loyalty into the new year. Extend the patient lifecycle now by discussing your clients aesthetic goals and making long-term plans, booking them for combo treatments, or offering discounts on treatment packages. This is also a great time to start a referral program if you havent already, encouraging current patients to refer friends and family to the clinic in exchange for loyalty points or a discount on their next treatment.  

The holiday season can be stressfulbut it doesnt have to be! For business and marketing support, including advice on how to get the best ROI on your paid advertising this season, reach out to speak to one of our experts today.  

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