How to Effectively Cross-sell Your Service Offerings

How to Effectively Cross-sell Your Service Offerings

In any industry, the customer always comes first. A satisfied customer will have a higher possibility of returning to your services. Keeping that in mind, we need to understand that any healthy business needs a loyal, regular customer base before we can explore the tactic of cross-selling.

What is Cross-Selling

Cross-selling is a simple concept, it refers to the sales technique when a salesperson persuades an existing customer to buy additional products or services along with what they’ve already purchased or are considering purchasing. In 2006, 35% of Amazon's sales result of cross-selling. It is a proven strategy for sales-based businesses, with the right tools, it can be easily applied to any scenario.

Here, we shall go over a couple of easy-to-replicate tips that can help you grow your business and capture the potential cross-sales revenue.

Tips On Cross-selling: 

Empower Your Team To Cross-sell

When a customer shows interest in a particular service, your team member should be in a position to consult, advise, as well as suggest add-ons that should ideally be specifically suited to the customer’s initial point of interest. And that requires the team member to have a thorough knowledge of every single product/service available in-house.

Sometimes letting your team members experience the services firsthand allows them to have a better understanding which translates the brochure knowledge into something more impactful.

Your team members should also be mindful of etiquette as well as basic sales techniques so that they do not turn out as the pushy salesmen.

Host Events At Your Business 

Throwing a party is always a good idea, but if that party helps you expand your business, reach out to more customers and help you further your brand, that becomes a great idea! According to the Event Marketing 2019 Benchmarks and Trends Report, the majority (84%) of leaders believe in-person events are a critical component of their company’s success.

Take this opportunity to educate current and prospective clients about your services. During the event, you can show videos of success stories or even have happy clients come in to speak of their results.

41% of marketers believe that events are the single-most effective marketing. Hosting social events (annual or bi-annual in nature) always boosts the footfall and if worked properly, may generate an increase in your regular cash flow by bringing in new customers

Seasonal Specials 

An often overlooked sales technique is the seasonal special. You could create a calendar to upsell to your clients and get them to invest in additional services with package deals tied to times of the year to further entice them to purchase treatment plans.

According to a study conducted by American Spa, seasonality is the new game-changer. With increased awareness about the environment and the effects of the changing seasons on the skin, clients are more open to season-specific services. Seasonal services contributed to around 11.1% of the overall revenue in the beauty and personal care launches in 2014, up from 9.8 percent in 2011. So prepare your calendar, make noise around your specials and grab the attention of your clients, present and future!

Offer Free Samples

Everyone loves free stuff! When your regular clients book their regular appointments, be proactive and think about what they can add on to their sales. They are already enrolling for your services, but a free sample here and there might be all you need to increase the bookings for multiple services over time. 

According to Vogue Business, sampling has become a major business for cosmetic companies. Their research found that Advent beauty calendars, which pack together about two dozen samples, helped businesses sell upwards of 20,000 units/services in a week in the UK making the calendar one of their most effective cross-selling product.

This is a good technique and even though it may seem like you might incur losses by providing free service, a curated and curtailed sample of the service isn’t necessarily all that expensive when you weigh them against the potentiality of increasing your business. 

Use Drip Marketing

Sometimes persuading a customer to choose an additional service may not work well. For a more subtle approach, instead of reaching out directly in-person, drip marketing uses email to follow up with a client automatically as and when scheduled.

For instance, let’s say a client opts for acne treatment. You can add the customer to a drip campaign which sends them emails showing them how dermal rejuvenation can be helpful after an acne treatment. Another email is sent showing the results that some of your clients have experienced and the final email provides an offer for dermal rejuvenation.

Instead of coming off as too aggressive right as a customer has purchased a package, using your cross-selling techniques through a drip marketing campaign helps them better understand the service you’re offering. 

The Ultimate Goal

Although there are many interesting ways to cross-sell your services, another way to do so is to faithfully serve your customers and work with them for some time. If your services show results, it won’t be long before they will want to try out other services and also spread the word to others. From the initial phone call to in-person consultation to each treatment session, your every interaction with each patient determines whether or not you will be able to earn their trust. And that is the ultimate goal that will build a loyal customer base and help your business thrive.

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