Offer Aesthetic Treatments As Holiday Gifts This Season


The holidays are the season of giving, and aesthetic treatments make excellent gifts. Perfect for that person on your list who has everything or for someone extra special, they can also be a terrific experiential gift to enjoy with a friend. By offering your treatments or services as gifts, youre giving your clients the opportunity to give their loved ones the gift of looking and feeling their best. Now is the time to consider how youll curate holiday gifts at your clinic and to start marketing them so your clients can pick them up in time for the holidays.  

Holiday Gift Marketing Tips 

To make the most of the season ahead, youll want to make sure your clients know about your gift offerings ahead of time. Here are a few ways you can spread the word leading up to the season: 

  • Add banners, pop-ups, or other eye-catching additions to your website to signal the upcoming holiday treatment offering  
  • Announce the gift offerings on your social media, and continue to post about them weekly leading up to the holidays  
  • Send a newsletter to your mailing list, including details about the upcoming gift packages and encouraging clients to jump on them before they sell out  
  • Put up physical signage in your clinic, teasing whats to come and encouraging clients to ask your staff about gift availability for the holidays.  

Holiday Gift Ideas 

Not sure about what to offer? Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Gift Cards  

Gift cards are the easiest and most hassle-free way to offer your clients a way to give your treatments as a gift. They can be made out for any amount and let the recipient choose which treatment is right for them. Best of all, you can offer them for purchase right on your website as an e-gift card, making them a convenient last-minute gift for almost anyone.  

Retail Product Tie-Ins 

If your offer retail products, put together a deluxe gift basket for clients to give to that special someone. Better yet, offer a few options with different budgets in mind, and make sure to include a certificate for a discount on a treatment so the recipient books an appointment with you.   

Special Occasion Bundles 

As a marketing tool, packages are perceived as a lot more valuable than single services and have the added benefit of introducing customers to services they may not have tried before. For holiday gifts, try bundling a few treatments that complement each other well together, such as non-invasive lipolysis and skin tightening. Combo treatments make great gifts as well, such as our popular TriBella faciala great gift for a partner or BFF.  

Creating a Great Holiday Client Experience  

Here are three tips for curating a great client experience this holiday season.  

1. Get your clients in a festive mood by decorating your clinic for the holidays. If your clients are coming in for treatments before the social season ramps up, theyre treating themselves, and will appreciate the atmosphere of cheer that holiday decorations create. 

2. Make your holiday gift offerings visible and accessible, so clients see them as soon as they enter and before they leave. This might mean putting up print marketing material or displaying the actual gifts themselves.

3. Lastly, dont forget to train your staff on what holiday gifts youre making available and coach them on how to help clients choose the right ones for their loved ones. Men who come in looking for gifts for their wives might need extra guidance or might have no idea what they should get for their wife or girlfriendand thats where gift cards come in especially handy.

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