Webinar Recording: Venus Bliss Max™ - The Newest 360 Body Solution

Webinar Recording: Venus Bliss Max™ - The Newest 360 Body Solution

Have you seen an influx of demand for non-invasive body treatments in the past few years? According to ASDS surveys, 84% of consumers are bothered by excessive weight. On top of that, more and more patients are looking to tone their bodies. It’s no wonder that patients today are turning to medical aesthetic treatments for that extra help to achieve their dream figure. 
In the past, different body shaping technologies used to mean separate systems, but today, we’re very excited to introduce you to a new 360-degree body shaping solution that can target fat, cellulite, and muscle with one platform. 
Want to find out more? Watch this webinar recording to see Michael Gold, MD, FAAD, renowned dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and the founder of multiple practices in Nashville, Tennessee, sharing his experiences with the comprehensive Venus Bliss Max™ platform.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • The three best-in-class technologies on Venus Bliss Max™
  • Why it is crucial to offer a complete body solution to patients nowadays
  • The revenue potential these technologies can bring to your clinics
  • The clinical results and evidence behind these treatments

This is a reveal you don't want to miss! Watch the webinar recording below:

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