What’s Next In Hair Restoration?

What’s Next In Hair Restoration?

While demand for hair restoration solutions has been strong for years, it has been accelerating recently on a global scale. According to a ISHRS survey, the number of people who sought medical treatments to address hair loss increased by 13% between 2016 and 2019. In fact, medical professionals performed 735,312 surgical hair restoration procedures throughout the world in 2019, an increase of 16% from 2016.—while 1,401,589 patients opted for nonsurgical procedures in 2019, a 13% rise from 2016. The same survey found that the number of hair restoration patients rocketed by 157% between 2008 and 2019. 

These statistics reflect a growing worldwide trend, with no signs of slowing. The most treatments were performed on patients in Asia at 196,630; the Middle East comprised 188,360; and the United States and Canada had 182,025 procedures. While patients in Europe comprised 106,949, this area had the largest growth with an increase of 35% since 2016.

The estimated worldwide market appeal for surgical hair restoration has increased by 10% since 2016 and is now worth $4.6 billion U.S. dollars. The survey also revealed the following:

  • The most common reason for seeking hair restoration was “social/dating,” with 37% of respondents citing this. Another 35% of patients named “career/professional” as their motivation for treatment.
  • While more men proceeded with hair restoration procedures (84.2%), 15.8% of patients were women.
  • The majority of patients who chose hair restoration surgery were in their 30s and 40s.

In addition to hair restoration on the scalp, patients showed a tendency to opt for body hair transplantation. 15% of procedures on men targeted other areas of the body, the most common being near the beard and mustache. Female patients received treatments for non-scalp areas 18% of the time, most frequently by the eyebrows.

Technological Advances Help Drive the Demand  

Advancements in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technologies—such as robotic integration and automation—have positively impacted hair restoration techniques, making it possible to provide patients with more natural-looking results. Cutting-edge hair restoration systems that harness the FUE method include:

  • NeoGraft®: This is one of the first automated FUE systems in the hair restoration market. It eliminates the need for manual extractions and implants, making harvesting, site-making, and implantation easier and more efficient for physicians. Plus, NeoGraft® delivers high levels of patient satisfaction, with an average Real Self score of 95%(+/-).
  • ARTAS iX™: Advanced technological features on this robotic hair restoration system such as its 7-axis robotic arm and artificial intelligence, make the ARTAS iX™ system a significant advantage to your medical aesthetics clinic, especially if you are an experienced hair restoration surgeon and would like to distinguish your practice as the top-tier provider. Its intuitive controls and programming are helpful tools in improving the physician’s ability to analyze, extract, and implant follicles, resulting in customizable treatments that create natural-looking results without sacrificing patient comfort.

Helping You Meet the Demand for Hair Restoration

The demand for hair restoration treatment continues to rise. Is your practice positioned to capitalize on the trend? Discover how Venus Concept’s VERO Hair™ program makes it easy. VERO Hair™ is a full-service, comprehensive solution that can help you grow your hair restoration business while delivering natural-looking results for your patients. It combines automated and advanced robotic FUE technologies with extensive post-sales support tools, including clinical training, marketing toolsbusiness development programs and VeroGrafters™ services.

VERO Hair™ offers the latest in technology, giving you a competitive edge. With a portfolio of robotic and automated FUE hair restoration systems, you can perform the most advanced, in-demand procedures using our devices. Both systems deliver superior clinical efficacy and high patient satisfaction.

VERO Hair™ includes:

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