4 Common Summer Skin Issues and How to Address Them

4 Common Summer Skin Issues and How to Address Them

Summer is the season for showing off and having fun, but the season can also bring a lot of challenges for the skin. Heat, sun, sweat, swimming, and having a more active lifestyle all put stress on the skin, leading to issues like dryness, acne, and signs of sun damagethe last things your clients want to see in the mirror. This summer, offer your patients the right aesthetic treatments so they can enjoy the beautiful weather with radiant, healthy, youthful-looking skin. 

Why Summer Can Cause Skin Issues 

There are several factors that make summer a more stressful time of year for the skin. With the excess heat and humidity, oil glands go into overdrive, producing excess sebum that can lead to oily skin and increased acne breakouts. Conversely, for dry skin, the heat tends to dehydrate and amplify skin dryness. Most notably, excessive sun exposureespecially for patients who skimp on sun protectioncan have a huge impact on the skin in both the short and long term. Due to the increased time in the suns rays over the summer, your patients may see signs of sun damage that went unnoticed previously, such as sun spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation  

How to Treat Common Summer Skin Issues   

For Dry Skin: Venus Glow Dermal Renewal Treatments 

Our dermal renewal treatments provide a dual benefit of deep cleansing and hydration for dry, irritated summer skin. The  Venus Glow applicator is equipped with a vacuum, 360-degree rotating tip, and two ultra-fine jet streams to open up and deep-clean pores, removing impurities from the stratum corneum for optimal dermal renewal. Alone, the treatments provide an enhanced clean and hydrating effect, leaving skin plump, refreshed, and glowing.  

With the addition of Venus Glow Serums, the Venus Glowtreatment evolves into a two-step process for superior pore cleansing and dermal renewal. Oscillating jet streams finer than an average strand of hair deliver the serums to the subcutaneous layers of the skin, allowing for enhanced nutrient absorption of naturally-derived marine and botanical ingredients. For stressed-out summer skin, we recommend GlowClara, which contains peptides and extracts of seaweed, magnolia bark, and grape seed to resolve redness, inflammation, and other texture imperfections for a calmer, smoother, clearer complexion. 

For Acne: Venus Versa Acne Treatments 

The Venus Versa AC Dual applicator uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to simultaneously address both the cause and visible symptoms of acne, and is equipped with other features for optimal patient comfort and results. The applicator uses innovative SmartPulsetechnology to ensure precise and consistent energy delivery through advanced pulse optimization, delivering pulses of broad-spectrum light optimized for absorption by target chromophores and transformed into therapeutic heat. The dual-light acne treatment targets theporphyrin produced by Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria with blue light, leading to the destruction of the bacteria, while the longer wavelength of red light controls inflammation and promotes faster healing. Throughout the treatments, a real-time cooling system monitors the temperature 1,000 times a second for unparalleled patient safety and comfort, and ensures that the treatment is safe for clients with all shades of skin. 

For Melasma: Venus VivaMD Skin Resurfacing Treatments 

Melasma is one of the most common signs of sun damage, and can be treated effectively with our state-of-the-art skin resurfacing technology. Venus VivaMD is a highly customizable tabletop device that delivers exceptional skin resurfacing results with low downtime. Using NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) with SmartScantechnology, Venus VivaMD allows customized control of ablation and coagulation for enhanced efficacy in resolving mild to severe skin damage in all shades of skin. Designed with patient satisfaction in mind, its an ideal choice for clinicians who are looking for a flexible, powerful skin resurfacing device with a high level of patient satisfaction when the treatment reveals a healthier, renewed complexion with traces of melasma visibly reduced or completely resolved. 

For Sun Damage: Venus Versa & Venus Legacy Treatments 

Exposure to the suns UVA and UVB rays is responsible for 90% of the visible changes to skin as it ages and sun exposure, especially unprotected, leads to faster and more visible aging. Treat the signs of photoaging with Venus Versa Photorejuvenation treatments, a rejuvenating therapy that uses wavelengths of light to improve the signs of sun damage. IPL incorporates several wavelengths of light at once, fighting sun damage and improving the appearance of the skin from multiple angles using technology that is safe for all shades of skin and requires no downtime. The treatments address all signs of sun damage, including sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and more, resulting in a healthier, more youthful-looking appearance. 

Collagen and elastin are the two essential building blocks for having firm, youthful skin. Over time, sun exposure can impact the skins production of these two important elements. Venus Legacy is powered by proprietary (MP)2 technology (a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields-PEMF) and features cutting-edge VariPulsetechnology to deliver targeted wrinkle reduction and skin tightening treatments. The treatments enhance the skins natural production of collagen and elastin to improve skins firmness, smoothness, and elasticity. Both of these comfortable, no-downtime treatments visibly restore tighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin. 

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