How to Make Your Clinic Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Clinic Eco-Friendly

More than ever before, people are concerned about their carbon footprint, environmental issues, and conscientious consumption. Sustainability is an issue potential clients are considering before patronizing any business or service, including med spas and aesthetic treatments. Here are 4 ways to minimize waste and maximize environmental mindfulness in your practice or office.

Be Brand Conscious

To begin with, look at the brands and products your office supports and recommends to clients. Some companies are better than others at prioritizing sustainability and waste reduction; what priorities does your merchandise present to your patients?

Consider packaging options. Do the companies you use offer reusable or refillable bottles? Do they utilize recycled, compostable, or minimalist approaches to packaging? Some companies will favor a flashy appearance on the shelf and end up using way more cardboard and plastic than is necessary.

What about ingredients? Certain chemicals can be beneficial in skin care but have polluting or toxic effects on the environment. Other ingredients may be obtained in an unsustainable way or contribute to unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. Look into the ways that your spa’s product lines could maximize their environmental awareness. If it’s possible to change from an undesirable product line to one more in line with green priorities, do so. If not, consider contacting the company to see if they’ve considered more conscientious products and packaging.

Reuse When Reasonable

Up until recently, single-use products were being phased out. Now, safety concerns have made the consumption of items like latex gloves, PPE masks, and disposable tools necessary once more. Still, there are ways that your business can explore to increase reusability while still prioritizing the health and well-being of your staff and customers.

For example, instead of disposable water bottles, try offering your customers the opportunity to refill their own reusable bottles with a touchless spring water dispenser. You could even offer branded reusable water bottles that clients can purchase–or receive as a gift with treatment–to be used at your office. If your office is equipped with a dishwasher or other way to effectively sanitize cups, then providing proper glassware for your clients might be a great way to help them feel at home.

Even in the case of PPE, there are options for reusability. Cloth masks with insertable HEPA filters can be used throughout the day and washed at night. Some companies will recycle latex, nitrile, and rubber gloves. It won’t be possible to reduce single-use products to zero, but there are ways to offset your office’s footprint when it comes to what you throw away.

Walk the Walk

Change starts at home–or in this case, at work. Create opportunities for your employees to participate in making environmentally conscious choices. For example, a carpool incentive program could reduce carbon emissions during your staff’s commute to work. Similarly, subsidizing public transit passes or other mass transit options could reduce the number of people who drive to work at your spa or clinic. Not only will these changes have their own effects, but they will foster more conscientious behavior in your employees by keeping green issues at the forefront of the workplace experience.

You can also create in-office experiences for your staff that prioritize environmental issues. Meat, especially beef, is harder to farm sustainably than grains or vegetables; why not help bring this issue to the attention of your employees? Sponsor an employee lunch that consists of locally grown, ethically farmed ingredients–and invite the farmers to speak about their green strategies. Provide information about how to shop local and focus on sustainability at home as well as in the office.

Upgrade Your Tech

Nowadays there are countless ways to add a little green-consciousness to your in-office technology. Replacing old lightbulbs with LEDs, using Energy Star appliances, and installing a smart thermostat can really reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint. You can also implement green thinking in your aesthetic technology.

Most of Venus Concept's medical aesthetic devices, such as Venus Bliss™, use no consumables compared to other medical aesthetic devices. Additionally, with Venus Concept’s zero usage fees, you will have room in your budget to invest in other suggestions, like those above, to maximize your green consciousness. Venus Concept uses a subscription-based business model which means no huge upfront investment, allowing you to implement new strategies for environmental consciousness now, instead of having to wait.

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