Last-Minute Holiday Promo Ideas to Boost Your Revenue


The holidays are officially here, but its not too late for you to close out the year with a burst of new revenue. How? With a holiday promotion or two! Right now, everyone is scrambling to get gifts for their loved ones, or maybe theyre looking to treat themselveseither way, your clinic can tap into the seasonal spending spree. Get your clinic on the nicelist this year by offering gift options to your clients. Theyll thank you for making their holiday planning easier! Here are ten holiday promo ideas sure to spread holiday cheer.  

1. Run a Gift Card Promotion 

Gift card promotions are an easy way to boost seasonal sales, bring new faces into your practice, and give last-minute shopping opportunities for your social media followers. You can make them even more tempting by running a promo on them. Here are some ideas: 

  • Buy one get one free (BOGO) gift cards 
  • Discounted gift cards (pay $80 for a $100 gift card) 
  • Gift card with bonus discount (buy a $100 gift card and get 10% off on a treatment)  

2. Grab-and-Go Gift Baskets

Grab-and-go gift baskets are one of the best ways to help clients complete their holiday shopping, while also promoting your retail products. Create a few themed baskets with some of your most popular retail products, at different price points, and consider tying in a gift card promo, too. Most importantly, wrap them beautifully! Your clients will love giving these to their friends, family, teachers and coworkerswho will now know about your clinic.  

3. Offer Stocking Stuffers

Decorate your reception area or checkout desk with stocking stuffers, which can be smaller retail products that are easy to pick up and stow in a Christmas stocking or gift bag. If you dont have enough retail products on hand, consider adding seasonal ones, like scented candles, cards, and candy to expand your retail potential during the holidays. 

4. Boost Your Rewards Program

This is a great way to encourage your clients to treat themselves over the holiday season. If you dont have a rewards program in place yet, the holiday season is a great time to start one. For this promotion, offer double rewards points for clients who book a treatment over the holiday or for the new year, or offer extra points for specific services. Just starting out? Offer a signing bonusof rewards points for new rewards program members. 

5. Offer Treatment Packages

Combo treatments are always popular, and even more so during the holidays when time is tight. Consider bundling quick versions of services for a little pick-me-up for your clients or for them to give as an extra special gift. These can also be marketed as a way for your clients to get ready before a holiday occasion, for instance, with a Venus Versa™ TriBellaall-in-one facial treatment.  

6. Send Out an Email Blast

Theres no point running a holiday promo unless people know about it. Reach out to your mailing list with an email letting them know that your clinic is the go-to place for last-minute gifts or that hard-to-buy-for person thats still on their list. If you can, offer a link where they can purchase a gift card online for immediate gratification.  

7. Have an End-of-Year Sale On Retail

If you have retail products that arent moving as quickly as youd like them to, now is a great time to put them on sale. During the holidays, everyone is looking to save, and your clients are more likely to splurge on a top-shelf product if its discounted.   

8. Kick Off the New Year Now

One thing soon to be on everyones mind are those New Years Resolutions. Help your patients start theirs early by offering them deals on treatments in the coming year, or creating special combo packages so they can rejuvenate their whole look in 2023. Offer them the opportunity to treat their whole body, such as with the Venus Bliss MAX Total Body Transformation. 

9. Go Virtual 

One powerful but often overlooked promo idea is to host a giveaway on social media for a virtual consultation. This is a great way to build your following and brand engagement as well, all while giving some the gift of beginning their aesthetic journey with you. 

10. Give the Gift of a Great Before-And-After With Venus Concept Treatments

Theres no gift greater than feeling confident in how your look and feel. Offering your clients the best in medical aesthetic technology gives your clients the results theyre looking for and primes your clinic for success. Venus Concept offers industry-leading devices delivering the most sought-after, non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments today. From fat reduction to skin renewal, to hair removal and hair restoration, were helping clinics like yours grow all over the world.  

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